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It’s 2019 and Mi has stepped up their game when it comes to the design and overall looks of its phones. The plastic backs have now been replaced by sleek glass and a bezel-less front, which undoubtedly amplifies the looks of the phone by several folds.But this new design trend has also made phones delicate. Yes, phones like MiA3 may easily handle a couple of drops from a few feet but throw something more at it, and you might not like the result.Selecting the perfect smartphone for one’s use and which fulfils every aspect like the display screen, camera quality, look and availing that smartphone at a cost-effective price is a deal breaker. But when it comes to products from MiA3 no person would think twice about the price before buying them for sure as they are so sure about the product being great and much more worth than any other brand for which they would do comparisons of many levels before purchasing them.The Mi A3 is a large phone thus the makers have designed to place the power and volume buttons near the centre of the frame for easy reachability. At the top centre of the frame is the place where the selfie camera pops out. It is a dual sim device and has a SIM tray that can hold two Nano sims cards. The storage cannot be expanded, though the phone comes with a small storage of 64GB. The users may miss the lack of an SD card.Buying Designer Mi A3 unique cover online has never been so easy, we have a 4-step checkout process that would help you easily place your order and we would handle the rest. These cases and covers are super easy to install i.e. they are neither too tight nor too loose, which means you do not have to remove it from Mi A3 to have access to connect charger or headphones or connect to other devices.

Having fun, living life on the edge and getting your adrenaline pumped is always awesome but there are some things you really should not put at risk – like your smartphone. With our phones becoming the most important device in our life, protecting it from any danger is one of our paramount duties. And the phone covers available today not only protect our phones but have also become an expression of our personality. Nowadays people spend more time in selecting mobile covers than selecting the actual phone for which they are buying the back covers! Nobody wants to have just the normal look of their phone when they can get designer phone cover with good aesthetics that reflects their personality. And with Redmi’s rise in popularity, getting good quality covers for their phones has become really hard as they often sell out in minutes! But don’t worry as we have plenty of back covers for Mi A3for everybodywith proper cut-outs for the speaker, camera, charger and headphones. The categories of Mi A3 back cover we have are:

Plain Fabric Mi A3 Case:

The plain fabric Mi A3 back covers are single coloured with a cloth like texture that provides a soft and comfortable grip for a very friendly user experience. They are available in 3 colours: Light Grey, Blue and Black. The black cover is completely blacked out, with the cloth texture providing a simple yet elegant look. The blue covers are mild and pleasing to the eyes and they come with a black strip on the sides. And the light grey Mi A3 cases are suitable for someone who likes a stealth look for their phones but also finds the black covers too dark. These covers offer the best-in-class protection with proper cut-outs for the headphone jack, speaker, power and volume button and other. They are built for rough use and all in all, our plain fabric covers for Mi A3 add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the phone.These covers reflect the actual design and beauty of the phone. The slim design of the cover hugs the phone tightly and accentuates the original look and design of the Mi A3. These covers are for those who like to flaunt their phone’s original design and at the same time want the necessary protection for their phone as well. These simple yet evergreen designs provide a very subtle look to the phone and also help one to stand out amongst the crowd. The KShop back covers are known for their quality and durability. So, feel safe knowing that your covers are not easily going to be ruined. The case is slim and smooth and doesn’t add much mass to the general look of the phone. In general, the case fits superbly and offers a top-notch feel. You’ll discover covers for all the catch. That’s right, you needn’t be made a fuss over residue entering the case. The essence of this case is its double layer and double shading structure. While the external shell is fabricated utilizing a hard polycarbonate, the internal layer is made of delicate TPU to assimilate the brunt of falls. It is wear-safe, hostile to sliding, dust-verification, against unique finger impression and simple to clean. It offers great assurance and doesn’t obstruct any port. This one looks extremely lovely and offers great insurance. It has 0.3 mm raise lip for camera focal point assurance. The case has full inclusion and it has stun ingestion corners. The case has an ideal removed for ports and speakers. This case is made of premium silicone delicate TPU material and it likewise doesn’t square treated glass. The patterns for the camera and catches have been deliberately structured and curated remembering the smooth plan of the phone and the appearance of the texture cover also with the goal that assurance of the phone isn’t disregarded for the sake of good looks.

Canvas Fabric Mi A3 Cover:

Our canvas fabric back covers for Mi A3 come with a two tone look that gives your phone a customized look. Available in 3 colours: Grey, Blue and Black, the colour combination in these covers makes your phone look really cool and hip. The top layer of the cover has the cloth like texture found in our plain fabric covers and the bottom layer has a leather texture, providing excellent grip while using it or when placed on the table. Both the layers are of the same colour, with the bottom layer made up of a lighter shade than the top. The canvas fabric covers are meant for durability and usability and provide ample grip while holding the phone with your hand and they also prevent the phone from slipping off any glassy or slippery surfaces. They can also be used while doing wild and adventurous activities. So, be rest assured that your phone is safe while you go about your business because our canvas fabric covers are here to take care of it all. The two-tone texture provides superior grip and protection than the plain fabric covers. The canvas fabric covers are perfect for people with butterfingers. Customers who have purchased this case have commended it for its amazing fit and close flawless patterns. Practically every one of the ports and catches is open with no issue. The catch covers are not hard and give great criticism. There are raised lips at the edge edges so your hands don’t come legitimately in contact with the edges of the treated glass. Besides that, the camera module and the unique mark sensor additionally have raised lips to ward off pointless scratches. It likewise accompanies corner security which diminishes the brunt of effect during falls and drops. Additionally, the edges are marginally raised to shield the front screen from scruffs and superfluous scratches. the side edges are raised somewhat to avoid scratches and scrape blemishes on the screen, and the equivalent is valid for the back camera. The canvas texture covers are intended for sturdiness and ease of use and give plentiful grasp while holding the phone with your hand and furthermore keep the phone from sneaking off any shiny or tricky surfaces. These covers are ideal for cruel use and are perfect for someone who is an outside individual and worships going trekking and distinctive gutsy activities. The canvas texture covers are bulkier and more grounded than the plain texture covers. These canvas Mi A3 back covers have the texture material at the top with a darker shade of a similar shading alongside the canvas material at the base. Fundamentally, the cover is a combo of the half breed, the silicone and the creator case, in this way giving you the advantage of 3 covers in 1! The canvas texture covers will shield your phone from all mishaps. Is it true that you are the bold and the daring person types? Try not to stress, nothing will happen to your phone while you make the most of your exercises as a result of uniquely brought edges up in these covers which assimilate all stuns and give your phone definitive insurance. So, be rest assured that your phone is safe while you go about your business because our canvas fabric covers are here to take care of it all. The two-tone look the cover also helps in standing out among the crowd and flaunts your fashion style as well.

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