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Effective Solutions of Protecting Your Intellectual Property in India

Before learning the solutions of protecting intellectual property, it is necessary to understand its meaning. The concerns about the intellectual property rights are prevalent among businessmen, institutions, entrepreneurs and others running businesses. It is believed that the free market economy combined with technological advancement is resulting in rapid growth of IP or the intellectual property. Basically, it is a product of human intelligence and is based on different ideas. It also helps the customers to identify the distinctive qualities of the product in a particular sector. One of the most controversial issues is the protection of intellectual property. According to the standards in India, the government IP protection in India is fool-proof and several countries have expressed their trust on the Indian judiciary.

Due to incidents of online piracy and trademark infringement the intellectual property lawyers in India are taking appropriate steps to deal with the problems. The laws in India related to IP may not be comprehensive, but they are satisfactory when viewed from the perspective of accessing life-saving drugs and pharmaceutical products.

Understanding the IPR policy

The IPR policy in India is distinctive and has been created keeping in mind an advanced and positive IP rule in the country that intends to promote creativity and innovation and fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship. The other intention of this policy is to discourage online piracy and it has been designed to protect and promote the interests of the stakeholders and the entrepreneurs producing goods in India in the wake of the campaign for the startups. Any attempt to violate the provisions of the copyright law is considered a criminal act. What are the tenets of this policy? The following points will determine.

  • The IPR policy amalgamates laws of IP with the advances treaties and makes sure that the old and outdated laws are abandoned and eliminated.
    It also discusses the tax benefits related to the innovation of IP.
  • The DIPP or the Department of Industrial Policy is the primary point for all the activities related to
  • It reiterates the efforts to increase the level of awareness among people about IP and recommends new ways of exploiting the IP and innovation through the process of commercialization and encouraging them through the incentives.

There are pros and cons of the policy, so it can prove beneficial and harmful or both.

Lawyers dealing with IP

The top lawyers in India specializing in IPR or those who have adequate knowledge in this field can serve the clients. There is no rule that says whether any other lawyer is fit to offer services in this field. However, people prefer to hire only those who have profound knowledge of the laws of IPR and is well-versed with those situations where the implementation or application of this law is unavoidable.

Looking for IP lawyers

Looking for intellectual property lawyers is not a challenging task although the Advocates Act states that no law practitioner can advertise for themselves, and the only thing on which they can depend for marketing is the website of a firm or an individual. So, you can search for legal websites dealing with the IP law.

A generic search can also reveal an IPR lawyer. Besides this, there are effective methods of finding various platforms and websites that are identified as aggregators of the lawyers. Apart from this, some of these websites have rating systems that allow the clients to figure out information about the individual lawyers in India practicing in the same field. One can look forward to prominent websites to know about the best law firms that offer the services of the IPR lawyers. The names of the law firms are decided according to the tier of services, so that one can check the details properly before dealing with the firm or the legal practitioner.

How to find the best lawyer

The IP lawyers in India handle specific cases and issues, but there are a few aspects around which the IP laws revolve.

  • Issues of copyright law
  • Claims of patent
  • Property infringement
  • Trademark infringement

While choosing a good law firm in India dealing with IP laws, you have to research thoroughly and devote a lot of time to make a sound decision. It is a specialized area and hiring a legal professional for dealing with the abuse of law is mandatory. Make sure the lawyer you choose has adequate experience and in-depth knowledge so that every base of the law can be covered adequately. The following are the ways to find a legal practitioner for your needs.

▪ Research is the key

Do not step back from research when you want a legal professional to have proper knowledge about the process of IPR. It will also help you to know the prospects of the lawyers in this field, their knowledge and allow you to understand their points.

▪ Hit the point

You have to decide what skills and potential you want the lawyer to have. For instance, many people look for lawyers with good knowledge, but the rest focus on the cases they have handled.

Thing to note

Choosing an IP lawyer does not depend on one factor and a lot of them are combined together to decide on this issue. The satisfaction and the dissatisfaction of the clients is one of the major driving factors to finalize the deal with a law firm. Often the name is what matters to the clients. The number of cases that the legal entity has won is another factor to consider, and finally it is the strategic location of the firm that is given a lot if importance.

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