how to choose school for child


Do not choose a school at random! Even though schools have common goals, they stand out in many ways.

However, there is no ranking that one school is better than another. Besides, there is no perfect school! It all depends on your goals, your expectations.
So how to choose ??

  1. Some general questions may already guide your decision such as whether you want a Catholic education, a special pedagogy, a communal school, a vocational education, etc. … Think carefully to find the most suitable education for your child.
  2. It should also be noted that some schools are more elitist than others. Indeed, some schools go further than the basic program and advocate ambition, performance, success. They will be less attentive to children who have difficulties, will encourage them less.
  3. In fact, an important question is what will happen if your child is in difficulty: is there remediation or will he have to take private lessons, how does the school identify difficulties, what is the problem? position of the school in relation to repetition, …?
  4. Then come more specific questions about how the school works: do you want homework, classes grouped by year (for example, first and second year together), a supervised study, a daycare, hot meals?
  5. The question of geographical proximity is also important: will you have to drive your children while going to work, will you go by public transport, if the school is near will you make the walk? at what time will your child have to get up, …?
  6. The financial question arises also because some schools charge fees for school trips, subscriptions to magazines, swimming pool, photocopies, school trips …
  7. Check How school use technology like electronic school management software who make school smart and updated.
  8. These questions will allow you to choose the type and the teaching network
  9. Finally, there are other more personal criteria: does the building please you, are there games in the playground, is it a big institution or a small school, will your child be left alone? he with his friends from the nursery or primary,…?

You will find answers to these questions by reading the school’s educational project, but also by attending open days or going to talk with the director. After meeting with the management and the teachers, you will already have an impression … But also try to have the opinion of parents who have or had children in the school. This will tell you how they are doing, if they have a good background for secondary school,

But beware of school reputation. What matters is finding the school that best suits your child.

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