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How to Repair Corrupted ZIP File- Its Resolved Have A Look

The ZIP file format is one of the most common and convenient ways to store and send various files. But still, sometimes, users encounter an issue such as a corrupt ZIP file. However, corrupt files can lead to several issues like bad drive sectors, malware, and an inappropriate download or transfer. So, we considered this issue and come up with the multiple solutions for how to repair corrupted ZIP file on Windows. But, before proceeding further initially, go through the query mentioned in the upcoming segment. To understand the topic more clearly.

User’s Scenario Related to Repair Corrupted ZIP File

A few days ago, I went to Kerala with my family and we clicked so many pictures together to save memories. I had properly managed and organized all of my images in a ZIP file folder to deliver to my friend. But, now I am trying to extract my picture data from the ZIP file but do not access it. Ultimately, my ZIP files become inaccessible. Already I have asked my friend about this ZIP file corruption issue. But they have not any efficient solution to fix this issue. Now, I am searching for an eminent approach to repair the damaged ZIP file. If there is any solution available so, please provide me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

Efficient Approach to Repair Corrupted ZIP File Instantly

After understanding the issue properly now, it’s time to resolve how to fix the ZIP file issue. Using an amazing utility named “Windows Backup Recovery” tool. You can repair damaged ZIP files on Windows without any hassle. The application can easily repair Windows backup files such as BKF, ZIP, VHD, and VHDX. The tool has the ability to easily recover highly corrupted or damaged ZIP files without losing a bit of information.

To use this safe and secure software, you just have to install it on any Windows machine. However, the tool supports all advanced and below versions of the Windows Operating System. Even it facilitates to store effectively scanned Windows Backup file for further use.

Steps to Fix Corrupted ZIP File on Windows

In this segment, you will get the instructions to repair corrupted ZIP files. You just have to follow the below-stated steps sequentially to get the desired outcome. Let’s begin:

Step 1: Download and run the SysTools Windows Backup Recovery Tool and click on Open button

Step 2: Here, you have to choose the “ZIP” option from the backup file BKF, ZIP, VHD, and VHDX then, select the Scan Type option to proceed ahead

Step 3: Now, you can preview repaired backup data files in the software panel

Step 4: Last, save your recovered Windows backup files at preferred location

Are You Gazing For Something Free?

We know, what our users want. Do not worry! In the upcoming segment, we are going to explain the manual technique to fix the damaged ZIP file without any obstruction. You just have to keep moving through this article to get more knowledge about this topic.

Free Manual Way to Repair Corrupted ZIP File on Windows OS

The WinRAR is an inbuilt utility to repair corrupt ZIP file format. To implement the procedure you just have to follow the below-mentioned steps adequately. Let’s start:

1. First, run WinRAR utility and choose the corrupted ZIP file
2. Now, navigate to Tools and choose Repair Archive option.
3. Lastly, the repaired ZIP file will be stored under a new file with Rebuilt appended to the front of the file name.

Attention Note!

We all know, the free solution does not have the ability to repair corrupted ZIP files without data loss. In this situation, only the above stated third party approach can work adequately.

Concluding Thoughts

Above in this article, we have discussed the free manual and automatic solutions for how to repair the corrupted ZIP file. Both approaches are explained step by step. You just have to choose one to fix a corrupted and damaged ZIP file on Windows. But, the manual solution having some limitations which affect the complete Windows backup recovery procedure. So, in this situation, it is better to choose the third party technique as suggested in the above section. Thus, the ultimate decision will be yours.

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