How Torrent, Seedbox, and VPN Are Related To Each Other?

Yes, you heard it correct. Torrent, Seedbox, and VPN are all directly or indirectly related to each other.

Well, it’s quite hard to consume. But that’s the fact. If you are looking forward to having the best torrenting experience, then learning the connection between these three will be helpful for your purpose.

Let’s start with the definition of Torrent, Seedbox, and VPN, followed by their relation. So, guys, are you ready? Here we go!

What according to you is Torrent, Seedbox, and VPN?


Torrent or BitTorrent is referred to a P2P protocol that is responsible for delivering large files to the end-user using digital mediums. This protocol is popularly used to share large digital files over the internet.

This BitTorrent protocol allows you to download any size files from different sources. Once it is downloaded, with the help of the software the scattered or jumbled files are organized to form a single file.

Trackers are sent to locate the data. Once it is found the users easily get the opportunity to download the files clicking the link. The data that is downloaded can be viewed and even shared based on the authorities. However, torrent traffic can even be detected and further throttled by using ISPs.

Seedbox makes use of this BitTorrent Protocol to deliver high speed for downloading and uploading of torrent files over the web. By definition, it is the remote server that is responsible for boosting the torrenting experience.

The bandwidth range fluctuates from 100MBPS to 10GBPS. This means you can download or upload any size file using your torrent. And the best thing is that you will be powered with a highly secured network for this.

Yes, Seedboxes have turned out to be the best torrenting partner due to their secured nature. What they do is – they hide the real IP address of the server, preventing the attackers to breach the data through torrent.

Moreover, with this remote server, you can even eliminate the storage problem. Often we get a warning like “you are running out of storage space”. This happens when you are using a device with a limit of space and you are about to download or copy a large media file, for example, a movie file into it. With Seedbox, you can download and keep your files within seedbox as well. This reduces the need for storage space allowing you to download more and more files.

However, you even have the opportunity to watch videos online, just like Netflix. Yes, the Plex media server equipped with Seedbox is responsible for streaming videos.  Hence you can even call this remote server a partner for streaming.

If you are looking for something fast and secured server then obviously Seedbox will be perfect.

VPN or Virtual Private Network

Coming to VPN, it is often said Seedbox is the competitor of VPN as both of them perform almost the same job. Really? Well, there is a sleek difference between the two.

VPN or Virtual Private Network are known as encrypted network solution provider. No matter what server you are using, adding the VPN services will help you to protect your online data from the hackers.

VPN comes with an encrypted version of the network that hides the IP address from the audience, instead of highlighting them to the audience.

Therefore, to conclude VPNs are security products rather than being P2P products. That’s the major reason why many users use this to encrypt their BitTorrent traffic.

Summarizing All Three

In case, you are a regular user of torrent and looking forward to improving your torrenting experience, then Seedboxes with VPN services are mandatory.

What they do is, they simply boost up the uploading and downloading process of torrent files and make them highly secured with VPN features. The excellent bandwidth of seedboxes and their efficiency in hiding the IP address makes the overall torrenting process quite friendly.

So are you ready to install a Seedbox? Make sure you do it before continuing downloading and uploading files in torrents.

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