Know The Step-By-Step Process Of Car Wrecking

Car wrecking is one of the easiest things which come to everyone’s mind when their car turns old and fails to perform up to the mark. There are loads of benefits of wrecking or recycling your old car to the environment. The process of wrecking by the car wreckers Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs goes through various steps.

Here are the steps that complete the wrecking process of an old car.

1.Evaluation of the car

Once you hire a car wrecking organization, they will evaluate and inspect the car to find the working and reusable parts in the vehicle. The reusable parts are recycled and then put on to sale for the customers looking for specific parts. This step is essential for determining a price quote for the car owner.

2.Removal of parts and fluids

All the parts that are marked reusable will be removed from the car. All types of fluids including brake oil, engine oil, battery fluids, and all other liquids are drained completely. If the steering pipe, gearbox, clutch pedals, steering, and some other parts are in working condition then they are extracted from the car before scrapping.

3.Metal Conversion

Once all the extraction process is done, the car is then headed towards the wrecking chamber. The car is then crushed into a flat metal new car for the company to cut some making costs.

The car wreckers Melbourne Easter Suburbs also provide car removal service from the doorstep. IT means you do not have to bring the car yourself to the wrecking yard as the car is not functional. The team will pick up the car from your garage after validating every detail.

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