Make Your Travel Plans To Morocco

Morocco is a North African country, which has an interesting culture and history. It is quite well developed and has various tourist destinations. The travel industry of Morocco is majorly based on its culture, history and coast. So people plan holiday tours in Morocco to have some pleasant time.


The ministry of tourism in Morocco was established in 1985. Since then a lot of people from foreign countries come to visit Morocco. Majority of them are French and Spanish people. Though some people from Europe also come to visit Morocco. According to the statistics, in 2007 the revenue from tourism was 7.4 billion dollar.

Tourism industry

Tourism is the second largest source of foreign exchange earnings for Morocco. The Moroccan government is quite concerned about tourism and therefore they take initiatives to promote tourism in Morocco. They are investing a lot of money in the tourism industry of Morocco. The flights for Morocco are also very cheap; therefore many tourists are attracted to its popular destinations. Luxury Morocco tours are very amazing and a quite a memorable thing to experience.

Various Tourist Attractions

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Morocco, which attracts a lot of tourists. Here is a list of some tourist attractions in Morocco:-

The Atlas Mountains

Sand dunes

Bou inania madrasa

Beaches and kasbah

You can chill at various beaches in Morocco. You can also spend your time at Morocco luxury desert campto have the experience of living in a desert. Therefore, Morocco has a lot of tourist destinations that one can visit and enjoy.

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