Many cars are being used in Pakistan by people depending upon their taste. As we know that car has become an essential necessity of most of the people of today era as it provides great comfort and reliable experience to users for travelling from one place to another whether it is within or outside the city. People mostly prefer their own vehicle in Pakistan rather than travelling in different buses and public transports. There are different cars manufactured by different companies used by people living in Pakistan. All of these cars has different price ranging from high to low. Mostly people in Pakistan prefer the cars which are very fuel efficient as they provide great user compatibility. Below we will discuss most fuel efficient cars used by people in Pakistan and different Car Prices In Pakistan.

TOYOYA PRIUS: This hybrid car gives one of the best fuel mileage and has gain an amazing reputation in customer base of Pakistan in no time. It travels up to 26 Km per Litre, and can touch 60 mph speed in just 9.8 seconds while running on a horsepower of 134. Keeping in mind its fuel saving quality it’s amazing. It also provides a great driving experience as it takes the person to the next travel driving it. Its fully developed interior and exterior have made it a best family car for those who want class and economy to go side by side.

HONDA CIVIC HYBRID: In Pakistan Honda Civic comes among the most talked and loved cars and its hybrid model comes up with relatively great fuel efficiency up to 18 km per litre. This feature affected a lot of other car users to attract towards civic. This luxury car maintained its position in the list after a great positive feedback received from the car users.

HONDA CITY HYBRID: It is among one of the most selling cars in Pakistan, as it provides a great fuel efficiency of 16 km per liter. It is among one of the most preferred choice for all families due to its unique quality and driving experience. With an amazing exterior it can go up 60 mph speed in 10 seconds working on 1.3l engine. This car is available at very affordable price. The best quality this car carries is that the fuel efficiency does not affects the driving experience and driving speed making it a great luxurious and classy ride

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