Premium iPhone 11 Pro Max cases You must-have if you wish to stay trending

The iPhone 11, pro and max have lately launched in the market. However, there are various phones available in the market that too in a variety of sizes. While it can be really confusing to choose your favourite iPhone cover, here we are full of recommendations on what iPhone covers you must buy for your phone to stay trendy all the time.

Whether you plan a fancy leather material case, a rugged one or a basic one, the KSSShop has got you covered with all. They come with a variety of premium cases for iPhones including fabric cases, silicon cases, transparent cases and leather cases. Let’s compare each one of them to find what suits and fits best for your requirement.

iPhone fabric case

how would a covering of a black or a blue fabric cover look like? Yes, your iPhone cover with a strong fabric material that protects it day and night not letting your iPhone damage even if it falls. These are one-piece soft cases made with microfiber lining. The cover is such that it absorbs shock and keep you safe from any electric threats. The cover also avoids your phone get any scratch or blemish when using. The fabric cases come with wireless charging feature that let you charge your phone without any wire. The soft and slim fit cover does not make the phone bulky. The fact that the covers at KSSShop are made with precise cuttings kept into consideration, they are easy to wear and remove and give easy access to press the iPhone buttons. Black, blue, light grey, dark grey, brown are some of the colours to choose from when it comes to buying a premium case for iPhones.

Features –

  • Soft and comforting material
  • Give an elegant luxury business look
  • Safety to the rear cameras
  • Evades damages and scratches to the phone

iPhone Silicon case

The iPhone leather cases fit perfectly on the curves of your apple phones. Interestingly, they do not make you feel your phone bulky. The silicon covers have been lately seen as trendy cases for iPhones. The touch and feel of the phone are soft that matures a natural coating with time. You can keep it on all the time for it features wireless charging. Silicone cases for iPhone are a perfect choice to make if you wish to try something new on elegant look of smartphone covers.


  • Soft and silky touch
  • Wireless charging
  • iPhone protection both inside and out
  • No bulk added to the sides.

iPhone Leather Case

Vintage fanatics must check out the available leather covers for their iPhones. While we all know that they age well and definitely grow patina with time, these covers are the ones you are likely to use much longer than any other. These iPhone leather covers are so grippy that you can consider it to be a perfect gifting choice for someone who drops their phones a lot. Check out the amazing collection of iPhone leather covers in the KSSShop collection.

Features –

  • Comes with inbuilt card holder slots
  • Perfect fit, slim and sleek
  • Made up of advanced PU leather
  • Softcover that protects the iPhone edges well

iPhone transparent case

Another original apple case cover are the iPhone transparent covers. So, if you are someone who does not want to compromise on the looks of your smartphone, why not go for a transparent coating. Most of us consider using transparent iPhone cases not just for the looks but also for the fact that they are soft. We definitely do not want to lose on the original charm of our iPhones. Therefore, the new iPhone buyers prefer using transparent covers at least for a few months.

Final words

While the four mentioned above are premium Case for iPhone to add on to your collection, they are also the trendiest cases for iPhones. With the lately launched iPhone 11, along with its max and pro versions, the silicone cases for iPhones have grabbed a good demand in the market. You can grab your iPhone covers from any previous model and keep changing the looks of your phone after months. Why not plan a gift for your iPhone friend too. Grab these original apple case covers from KSSShop today!

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