The Many Ways To Use Google Assistant

Hey Google” the two simple words that have freed you from many hassles. Whether you call it the dependency over technology or using it to its maximum capabilities, Google Assistant is simply not a thing to ignore.

This AI-backend assistance can help you get many of your everyday tasks easily without even touching or moving from your place. You do not even have to keep a track of time as you can schedule your activities as well. These super-efficient algorithms are more like a friend to help you get to relax after a hectic day by ordering your food or booking your cab when you get stuck in an unknown place. It helps you gain the confidence to travel around the world, no matter how weak you are to remember the places and locations.

Once you get the app, you will find a sudden change in your daily activities. You will get someone who can handle all your hassles flawlessly. So, learn about the ways Google Assistant can help you get your chores done. Maybe you end up getting impressed by its features that you can plan to create an app like Google Assistant. Read on!

·        Play Music With Your Voice

Are you too occupied with work that you can take the time out to select and find your favorite track? Simply call out to Google Assistant and it will play your desired track within seconds. You do not have to open and scroll your playlist, you can give any command about your music library to the app. It can even browse a new track and get it downloaded for you.

·        Hands-Free Texting, Emailing and Calling

It’s not just about entertainment, Google Assistant can assist you even during the chaotic corporate life. It can compose emails and send it to your desired id along with reading and replying the messages as well. It can receive the call and make it to anyone you want. With some simple commands like “email Molly”, “Read Susan’s Message” “Call Brain” will get things done.

·        The Geo-Location Tracking

You can send and receive locations of your friend. You can let your loved one track you by sharing your location with them as well. The interface is seamless and it’s extremely easier to tap into each other’s location to know about your friends.

·        The Real-Time Location Tracking

With the help of Google Assistant, you can travel around the world. You do not have to worry about paths and routes when you have the app working for you. The app will show you the exact location and the best routes to reach the spot. It will show the distance and the duration taken from different modes of transportation. You can walk or travel via car or motorbike. And even if you want to catch a train, you can find out all the relevant details.

·        Find Good Places and Spots

Do you want to know what places serve Sushi? Or are you searching for the fun-filled places to spend your weekend? Well, you do not have to spend time asking your friends when you have Google Assistant. The app will filter out the search and provide you with exact locations and names of places with the kind of services you are looking for. Not only this, it will provide the suggestions linked to your location. You will first get the names of those who are closest to your current location.

·        Make A Shopping List

Making a list on a paper is stressful, which was replaced by typing notes on your cell phone. But as life gets busier this too becomes time-consuming so Google Assistant provide you with a simple way to add items and make a list of things you want to shop. You can simply call out to the app and give it the commands to prepare the list. The app will help you organize all of your unfinished task and will assist you in completing your grocery and shopping list as well.

·        Catch The News

The list about how Google Assistant can help and cater you goes on and on. It taps into many areas of a user’s daily life. It will let you get connected with the world around you. One more way it assists you is by making it easier to catch up with the latest happenings. You do not have to waste time typing queries and scrolling pages. Simply ask your Assistant and it will read out the headlines and news for you. So, when catching the train or running errands, your Google Assistant will be there to guide and help you.

Wrap Up

It’s a good thing to get dependent on technology if it helps you invest time on more productive task. Therefore, it’s best to have an app like Google Assistant then you do not need to waste your precious time on mere task and chores.

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