5 Mandatory Things to Know About Hair Transplant!

We are in the middle of 2019 and till now, the hair transplant techniques have made a remarkable impact on the minds of people. For your knowledge and awareness, this is our take on 5 most important things about hair transplantation:

  1. The most effective hair transplant technique and how it works?

There are basically two types of hair transplant techniques available i.e. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant). In FUE, the individual grafts are harvested; while in FUT, a small strip of hair is removed from the donor area.

FUE is a widely used technique and a preferable option in most of the cases, as it is a stitch-less technique that reduces pain, scarring and recovery time. However, your individual requirements and scalp conditions play an important role in deciding the appropriate technique for you.

2. The significant step for hair transplant surgery

Apart from finalizing the technique and cost of hair transplant, another careful selection is about the hair transplant doctor or clinic. In order to make the surgery safe and successful, it is important for the hair transplant surgeon to have the required qualifications, training, skills and experience. Also make sure that the clinic is fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment along with the neat and clean environment, so as to avoid the risk of any infection during the surgery.

3. Cost of Hair Transplantation

You can get a quote for your hair transplant surgery at your first consultation with the hair transplant surgeon. Your doctor will take a look at your scalp, analyze it and then give you the overall package cost along with the number of grafts needed to cover your baldness. You should do a proper survey about the hair transplant cost so that you can get aware of the most affordable and efficient option.

4. The approximate time for recovery & new hair growth

You’ll require only 3–4 days of rest period with FUE hair transplantation and afterward, you can resume your normal routine activities. The approximate recovery time is around 1–2 weeks during which your transplanted area will get healed.

Within 2–4 weeks, the implanted follicles will fall out and the new hair growth will start taking place. It takes 3–4 months to get the noticeable hair growth and approximate 9–12 months to get the full transplanted hair density.

5. Any scars or side effects afterward?

Hair Transplant is an advanced method of hair restoration with reliable and proven techniques. However, the FUT method causes a linear scar on the back of the head. FUE does not result in any major scarring because of the extraction of individual hair grafts.

Talking about the side-effects; there may be temporary swelling or numbness on your head, but it will go down after a few days and there is nothing major to worry about. You need to follow the pre and post surgery instructions carefully to make this procedure safe and successful.

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