Types of Mobile Toilets

The toilet is an essential need of every human being. It is a natural process that every being whether animal or human must have to discharge the wastes and feces of the body. The difference between animals and humans is that animals discharge their waste at any place. Because they actually are senseless. Whereas humans are sensible and they have a complete process of digestion and recycling. It provides safe urination for humans which makes less the chances of infections. Toilets can be with flush or without a flush. In Asian countries, toilets are usually cleaner and they have the tradition of using flush. But in Western Countries, there is no concept of flushing and using water, they use toilet paper to make themselves clean.

Nowadays in many parts of the world people still have no facility of toilets? Although it is the most basic need in some rural countries, people lack this basic facility. Because they do not have either a good and appropriate place to accommodate. Toilets are needed everywhere every time because you cannot let your urine stay inside for a long time otherwise you will have to face severe consequences. Even if you are having vacations or traveling anywhere, you need to have this basic facility. For this purpose Mobile Toilets have been introduced a few years ago.

A mobile Toilet is actually a portable toilet that can be easily carried from one place to another without having much difficulty. It is actually not connected with a hole in the ground nor it is connected with the sewage system underground. You can easily collect the waste material inside the pot that is connected with the mobile toilet and discharge the waste at any garbage place. There are several types of mobile toilets that are being used today throughout the world. Let us have a look at them:

Chemical Mobile Toilets:

In a chemical toilet, there is a separate holding tank that holds the human excreta and minimizes the odors by using some chemicals. The chemicals are not harmful to human health rather they lessen the cause of infection by controlling bacteria that spread through the bad odor. These toilets are mostly seen on airplanes or in trains. These toilets are not very portable because they are actually quite bigger in size.

Camping Toilets:

When you are traveling somewhere or you are in the camping zone, you must have appropriate measures of the toilet before you choose any of these plans. Camping mobile toilets are portable and can be carried easily. They usually consist of a toilet seat the same as the seat in our typical house toilets. These toilets are usually a shape of a bucket. And you can wrap a polythene bag around the bucket and use it. After you are done, you can dispose of this bag. This is the easiest way to fulfill your need for urinating and disposing of off your waste of the body even when you are not at home or at camping. This invention has been proved to be beneficial for everyone!

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