What To Consider Before Getting A Container Office?

Container offices are becoming a thing in the business industry. Individuals who have just started their business with small capital investments and like to work outside the city zone have hired or purchased their own office container offices which works wonder for them.

Office containers are perfect for individuals with small working capital and for that business that have to work around the country moving from one place to another. Large business companies have also started to invest in container offices for the offsite projects because they are way cheaper and are much handier.

But before you start to invest in your perfect customized container office there are a couple things that you need to considered. Just like when constructing a regular office you have to take measurements and figure out other factors, you have to do that same in case of container focus so let us look at some of the things that you must consider before investing in container office.

1.      Mobile vs. stationary

Before you invest in a container office you need to know the kind of container office that you are looking for. If you work requires you to move around a lot then you must invest in portable container office but if you believe that you will be staying in one place at all times and you want it to be you business address then you can go for the stationary container office. The choice depends on the requirements of your business.

2.      Size and weight

When it comes to portable container office you have to take their weight and size into consideration as well. The first thing that you need to consider is the type of driving license that you have because that will decide the type of vehicle that you will be using to carry the container with you on the road. Thus the weight and the size of your container office will be determined by the size of your vehicle.

3.      Tempo 100 approval

In order to carry your container office with you, you also need the Tempo 100 approval. It is a document that allows you to carry heavy vehicles on the road. In order for your vehicle to be Tempo 100 approved you need a shock absorber, wobble clutch and tires approved for over 100 km/h in your vehicle. Plus you must get your container inspected every two years and change your tires after every 6 years.

4.      Staff cabin vs. office cabin

You need to manufacture your place according to your staff. If you employees are going to be working full time at the container office then you need it equip it with feature that make it suitable for full time office purposes. Whereas if your staff is only going to be working there for a few hours then you can go with the regular container office with less features.

5.      External power, water and drainage

If you are going to be running an office in that place then you need to make sure that the container office provides you with the electricity, water and drains connection so that you can carry out your work there.

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