What To Do If You are Suffering from Brain Tumor – A Step by Step Guide

Brain cancer, when diagnosed, leaves the victim wholly shattered and devastated from the shock. It is extremely tough to accept the reality and then move forward to think about the bitter experiences which the future holds.

While Chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgeries are often complicated and massive blow in the financial condition, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre provides world-class treatment with best technical support as it is popular in Asia for being the premier and exclusive cancer centre. Due to the most confident and efficient team combining with the best medical equipment the hospital offers, it has been curing patients not only of India but also from the neighbouring countries.

Varied Brain tumour treatments are done worldwide by the top oncologists in India who are available at RGCIRC. They guarantee to bring you back to the healthy life depending upon the advanced stage, the health complications you have and other pathological factors. It holds a capacity to treat 300 people at one time and offers complicated and costly treatments like bone marrow transplant at a reasonable price along with warmth and care a patient needs to heal. Here are some steps you should follow.

  1. Do not panic. Even if the report says you have a brain tumour does not mean that it is cancer. After doing multiple tests and pathological findings, if it is proved that it is cancerous, you have to find the right team for your treatment.
  • You have to decide for yourself. After you know your disease, it is a tough call, but you have to sit and figure out what is the way out you want from it. For getting back to regular life fit and fine soon, you need to go through several medications, therapies which are just not costly but extremely painful. Do not jump to any conclusion without doing thorough research.
  • Do not tell everyone about it. Majority of them will look at you with sympathy filled eyes, and that is what exactly you do not need. You need a team which is going to hold you steady through every thick and thin of the treatment procedure as it is unnerving. You need strength and emotional support.
  • Go through the internet. Read about the disease, your type, probable medications and best brain tumour treatment available according to your convenience. The more you know, your confidence to fight will develop.
  • Choose the most reliable team which will guide you in every step. Friendly teammates, expert and experienced doctors, compassionate assistance is what you need precisely to cope up with the sufferings you have to endure. Get admitted to a renowned speciality hospital so that there is absolutely no compromise with the quality of your treatment.
  • Keep a copy of all your medical reports ready. The oncologist will refer to all your past sickness, medical history, allergies and issues to decide the line of treatment best for you so that you do not have much of side effects.
  • You may also join the clinical trial facilities available in different hospitals. They help you make up your mind and gives you immense strength to cope up with the pain-stricken and lengthy treatment procedures. Trials will make you stronger.
  • Discuss whatever problems you are having with your doctor. Ask him questions you want an answer and queries regarding your treatment. If you have any suggestions, feel free to consult with the doctor.
  • Try and live a healthy lifestyle. It is very challenging to be in a jolly mood when you know you have cancer. But if you are enjoying every moment of your life, the pain and the fight will seem to be a lot easier.

10.    Keep an eye on your financial status. Talk about the approximate treatment cost with the cancer care team.

Keep the points as mentioned earlier in mind and have a speedy recovery!

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