What to Do if Your Cell Phone is Lost Accidentally During Travel?

According to a recent survey, about 19 million cell phones are lost or stolen every year. Your cell phone is exposed to a high risk of theft during travelling. You have to face a lot of issues as a result of lost, broken or stolen mobile. During the travel, we can easily understand the importance of cell phones as we rely on it for a number of things, i.e., to contact your family back at home, to make the online payment or take out the addresses of our reserved spots, etc. But you must get yourself prepared for such accidents during the travel and must be mentally ready to deal with such unexpected situations before heading for the trip.

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If you lose your cell phone during a trip, don’t delay until it creates issues and take immediate action to get your identity and holidays photos protected.

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Once you understand that you have lost your cell phone, either call or send a text at your number without any delay. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways to check if it is with someone and is on. You can borrow the cell phone from another family member or the friend accompanying you to make a call. In case of solo travel. You can request anyone nearby to use his phone. According to the recent iOS updates, Apple has introduced a feature called “Lost Mode” that allows you to remotely lock your cell phone via a passcode, with a custom message displayed on the lock screen.

Find-my-phone features can be availed both in iPhone and Android so that you can recover the lost or stolen cell phone. In case you have turned on or installed this attractive feature, you can easily log in to your Apple or Google id at another device to remotely find out the location of your cell phone. In case you have enabled “Family Sharing” with your family members on your account, you can easily track your cell phone location. Unfortunately,  your cell off has been turned off, then it cannot be tracked.

In case you are not able to track your phone, you should erase important data as quickly as possible. Although you will lose all the data that have not been backed up, it will protect your identity and important information. In both iOS and Android phones, you can remotely wipe the cell within a find-my-phone app. If your phone is powered off during the remotely erase action, the process will be completed as soon as the cell is turned on. Apple users must keep in mind that once you go with a cell phone eraser, you no longer will be able to track your phone.

While wiping your phone, change passwords for your email and another important account (banks or insurance) being downloaded on your cell. If you have attached credit card information with any app like Apple, Venmo or Spotify, get yourself aware of any suspicious activity.

Your carrier can deactivate the phone and data service and can guide you with further steps for getting a new device for you. You can recover a lost or stolen device depending upon the carrier.

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