When is it necessary to Use a Scaffold?

Working at great heights and repairing tall structures is a challenging task accompanied by a high degree of risk. Using a quality scaffolding structure is essential to get the job done properly and safely. While it is often overlooked, even small roof repairs and home renovations require a sturdy platform. So, if you are wondering if scaffolding is necessary for small jobs or not, continue reading for some pointers to help you decide: (Information credit –

  1. Assess the requirements of your job – Before starting any job, it is important to conduct thorough research of the site and the job requirements. While your client will tell you all the details, it is necessary to examine the site and scope it out for yourself, the obstacles involved and the safety requirements of the job. Only after completing a thorough assessment of the job can you decide what equipment and structures you will need to complete the job effectively and safely.
  2. Working at height – When you are required to work at certain heights you need to ensure that the proper safety requirements are met to guarantee the safety of the workers and the people around the site. For instance, if you have to conduct even minor repairs at great heights, you should use scaffolding to access the site of repair easily. This will not only provide a sturdy platform but also allow the workers to move freely and store their tools without worrying about dropping them.
  3. The duration and type of job – The duration and job type are also important factors in deciding the kind of scaffolding required. When you are conducting a small job, which will not take a long time, you can manage to pull it off with a ladder and a temporary platform. However, if the duration of the job is longer than a few days, a permanent scaffolding structure will be a better option. Using a scaffolding structure will be more convenient and safer to use instead of climbing up and down the ladder several times.
  4. The manpower involved – Another major reason why scaffolding is essential for renovations, roof repairs and painting jobs is the involvement of manpower. If the project can be completed by a single person, you can consider using a ladder. However, if the job calls for multiple workers on the site, you should equip them with a proper platform and structure that can guarantee the workers safety. All workers do not have the same level of fitness and not all of them are comfortable using a ladder. Thus, scaffolding is essential if more than one person is required to work at great heights at the same time.

These are some of the reasons why a scaffolding structure is essential for all kinds of renovations and repair jobs. Painting, roofing, window cleaning, gutter repairs; no matter what your job is, a scaffolding structure can make it easier and safer.

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