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When To See An Orthodontist

It has been quoted by Palahniuk that “You can hold a smile for so long, after that its just teeth”, we at Clove want you to hold your smile forever and for your smile we have a special branch called Orthodontics and a specialist called Orthodontist.

Orthodontics is a specialized branch that deals with tooth movement and bony changes related to the face due to mal-aligned teeth. It deals with prevention as well as correction of the crooked teeth and modifying facial growth towards ideal esthetics.

A smile specialist, Orthodontist not only takes care of your esthetics but also the functional and muscular aspects of facial growth and jaw bones. For that we have divided this specialization into two main domains which is Preventive Orthodontics and Fixed orthodontics.

Preventive Orthodontics includes removable appliances for smile correction and proper muscular growth between age 7 to 11 years (Mixed Dentition) and Fixed Orthodontics includes braces (Permanent Dentition).

When kids are at growing age, parents can themselves observe certain kind of bites and consult and orthodontist for example Cross Bite (where teeth/tooth is overlapping or contralateral to the opponent tooth) or Scissors bite (where a section of teeth is overlapping the opposing teeth) or Open bite (where upper and lower teeth do not come together while closing mouth).

Hampered muscular growth which can be due to Birth injuries or lack of nutrition can also be diagnosed and corrected by Orthodontist when check-ups are done timely and patients are informed and made aware of various aspects of treatment modalities.

There are certain myths attached to getting treatment like braces or myofunctional appliances done like speech problems, ulcers, extraction (tooth removal) and eye sight issues.
It is to be noted that the speech problems get rectified on timely consult and treatment by the specialist, ulcers may occur for few days on putting braces for which are prevented by following regular instructions by doctor and intake of multivitamins which will accelerate systemic health of the patient as well. There are no issues reported to eye sight and removal of teeth. Orthodontic extractions are documented to be completely safe as they are done under the supervision of Orthodontist and they are a part of treatment plan.

Patients can opt for braces according to their suitability and convenience. Two types of braces are available which are metal and ceramic. If the patient does not want metal braces, they can opt for ceramic braces which are less visible from distance.
These days a new advancement is there in terms of braces kit which is Self-Ligating braces system. This system has modified built – in lock system which helps in rapid expansion and bite correction. They are more comfortable to the patient than the conventional braces as there is no need of elastics to be placed which are present in normal braces system. This newly developed braces system is easy.

The Preventive treatment can be started by proper consult with an orthodontist between 7 – 10 years of age. Consulting the Orthodontist at right time prevents the child from braces treatment and help in regulated growth of facial muscles. There is no ideal age to start braces treatment, one can start it when all permanent teeth are erupted in a child’s mouth i.e 12 – 14 years of age. Braces can be opted by older age group also according to needs and suitability of the functional and esthetic aspect as per diagnosis by the smile specialist.

We today have invisible braces (Invisalign) which is a new advancement in field of smile correction. These are invisible aligners which gives you fully digitalized experience to help get the desirable smile. This treatment is more innovative with greater predictability and control as the results are shown to the patients before starting the treatment. It is easy to use as there are no emergency visits to Orthodontist and can be removed while eating or drinking. Patients who are not willing to opt for braces because of visibility at work place can also opt for Invisible aligners.

Visiting an Orthodontist is very important as mal-positioned teeth and jaws if left untreated can lead to Joint disorders. Faulty bite can lead to forwardly placed upper jaw or crowding in front teeth can compromise gum health leading to swelling in gums and bleeding. Hence an Orthodontist not only takes care of facial esthetics and smile but also the functional aspect of your bite.

So, in case you are willing to go and visit a dentist to get the positioning of your teeth corrected, then look for orthodontist near me options as only an orthodontist help you get rid of the problem and will also give you the desired results. They are the best dentist when it comes to teeth alignment and functionality due to misaligned teeth.


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