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Where Can You Find Free Cardboard Boxes Resources

Cardboard boxes are needed all the time and everywhere. They are used as storage boxes or transport boxes of various items. These boxes are light in weight, and so they can be lifted and transported easily, this is the main reason why such boxes are preferred by people from all industries. They can pack fragile and delicate items and can help these items reach their destination in a safe manner. Cardboard boxes are used as packaging for cosmetics, food products, electronics, and glassware. They are also used for the packing of gifts, boxes for wedding and party gifts can be customized in any way that you like, you can make alterations in shape, size, and colors of boxes to make them more attractive. As food containers, boxes like these help to protect food against bacteria and dust, food does not get rotten or does not give off bad odors. Besides, boxes of this kind are recyclable; they can be used again and again for different purposes.
These boxes are cheap and can be purchased from any store. However, if you need them for only one-time use like for moving to a new place, you can find them for free as well. Free cardboard boxes for moving or other similar purposes can be found in a number of places, some of them are given below.

Friends and family:

You can use old boxes available at your own house, or you can get some boxes from the places of your family and friends. These can be cardboard gift boxes from the last Christmas or a recent party. If you do not collect enough boxes from houses of your family and friends, then you can ask your neighbours or a newly shifted family in your area for some cardboard boxes with lids. Lids of boxes can be very helpful in easy opening and closing of boxes; they also help to protect the items inside from getting lost.

If you still need some more boxes then you can join a local Facebook group, people often exchange and donate items in these groups. You can post in the group that you need some boxes for your moving. It is likely that at least some people will be willing to help you and give you their old boxes. This way, you will help the other person by getting him or her rid of all the unnecessary boxes occupying their space. You will also be recycling boxes instead of purchasing, and this is great for the boxes too.

Retail stores:

Another way of finding free boxes is by visiting your nearest retail stores; they always have an abundant supply of such boxes as they are always getting new items transported. They will also have some old cardboard storage boxes or some old Custom Cardboard Boxes of different brands lying around their store. You may also find some leftovers from cardboard boxes wholesale at these places, packaging with a little fault are often left behind and not used for packaging of branded stuff, you can easily get these as this type of boxes are a complete waste for the owners. You can get these and use them for whatever purpose you want.

Hostels and apartment buildings:

People are always moving in and out of hostels and apartments; there are always free packaging materials available at such places. You can also get custom printed cardboard boxes from canteens and food shops present in hostels. Canteens have large and small boxes of biscuits and other snacks that are delivered to them on a daily basis. Free cardboard boxes for moving will be available most apartments in an apartment building; all you have to do is go and ask them for some boxes. Most people will be delighted and will accept your offer to take boxes immediately; newly shifted people often have less space, and most they are often looking for ways to get rid of older stuff such as cardboard packaging.


Tons of boxes are used in factories for packaging of different things such as unfinished products, finished materials, or raw materials that need to be delivered somewhere else. All these things are packed in either plain packaging or custom apparel boxes. You will get as many boxes as you need from this place. Also, unlike other places, you can find the boxes of the exact size as you want. You can get any type of boxes. These boxes may be small, extra small, medium, large, or extra-large. Also, you can get different qualities of boxes like you may get a box that is made of a single layer of corrugated material, or you may go for a box that has multi-layered corrugated material in it. The former is used to pack items that need less protection, and the later is used for packaging of items that require extra protection. In short, cardboard packing boxes can be found for free in many places. You can ask your friends and family for some boxes, you can visit nearby retail stores or hostels and apartments, or you can go to your local area factories to find boxes that fit your requirement. It is easy to find free boxes if you go to the right place, you can even get boxes with extra layers of protective materials that can be used to pack your delicate products. Furthermore, different sizes of boxes help to pack large and small items separately so they can be transported to your new place easily and then get sorted out quickly.

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