Which Industries are Using 3D Printing Technology and What’s the Reason Behind It?

The market for 3D Printing has been on the rise as many professionals are using the 3D Printing technology regularly. The list below will give an idea of who uses 3D Printing service and how the technology has passed the innovation stage.

Several professionals from large and small companies, such as engineers, designers, and artists are using this kind of technology to try something different as well as because this is less expensive non-waste production and environmentally friendly. Also, some of the advantages are that it enlists unlimited shapes and sizes of products, focusses on mobility as well as simplicity and has a simplified manufacturing process. 3D Printing technology also provides for creating things that were unimaginable in the past.

3D being an evolving technology, it hosts several 3D printers every year to have a multi-dimensional impact on the industries.

Let’s now look at some of the industries that use the technology relating to 3D Printing.

Product Design

The Fashion industry is a newcomer in the field of application of 3D printing technology in India. One example that can be listed is that of a running shoe that features a full-length thermoplastic midsole of a remarkable performance couple with incredible flexibility. Some small companies provide fashion designers with suitable universal desktop solutions for creative work. In practice, the ZMorph multitool 3D printer is being used by jewellery designers and fashion designers.


There seems to exist guitars, restored vinyl records as well as 3D printed drums based on the 3D printing technology. Bruce Beasley is known to be the legend of modern abstract sculpture who has used Autodesk to form and print his newest Coriolis series. It was printed with an extensive state-of-the-art industrial 3D printer only by using liquid plastic.

Also, interior designers are the new entrant to use this technology to create decorative patterns.

Food and Beverage Industry

Foodini is a type of technology wherein a compact machine can produce fresh food most speedy and effective way possible. Restaurateurs are the biggest fans of such technology.

Anjan Contractor, who is one of the creators of the NASA 3D food program, uses the past developments to print fresh pizza with a BeeHex desktop robot. Even more traditional desktop 3D printers like ZMorph can be equipped with a thick paste extruder able to 3D print with various foods.

Pharmaceutical industry

There is a remarkable pre-surgery diagnostic scanning program that has been formed by two physicians from Belgium, which is known as Axial3D. It collects and analyses the information from CT and MRI scans of patients. It then creates a three-dimensional model that can be 3D printed.

Automotive industry

Developers of STRATI have done the unimaginable. They have made not just the car parts but the whole car using a 3D printer. The world’s first printed car was called by the Local Motors CEO as “a small electric two-seater.”

The top names in the automotive industry, which are BMW, Ford, and Volvo use 3D Printing for experimental parts, for rapid prototyping and for creating fixtures for manufacturing.

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