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Why are Freelancers Preferred over Full-Time Employers?

Freelancing has recently become very popular among many youngsters. There could be several reasons for that. Over time employers don’t get the time to follow their passion, whereas, for freelancers, their work is their passion. You might be wondering what those key factors that have made freelancing so popular. We can look over some disadvantages of full-time employers. That would help us find out why freelancers are preferred over full-time employers.

Disadvantages of Full-Time Employment

1) The First Thing we Come Across is, Job Insecurity

Now, a full-time employee is never sure about their job. This is because many people are doing the same job. In simple words, there is more competition as a permanent employee. You have to be unique and work hard daily to beat every other employee working from an appraisal. As the competition is huge, sometimes people lose and end up having no job. Which is not really useful for the employees.

2) There is No Scope for Evolving

Yes, that’s right. Due to a lack of time in concentrating on your talents, you don’t really get time to evolve as an employee. You are overburdened with everyday work and as well as pending work. As you are always working on a particular area of interest, you don’t have the ability to explore much. Thus, it makes your life monotonous.

3) No Much Increment in Your Salary

As discussed above, the competition is making a permanent employee’s life tougher and difficult. Due to this reason, you might be getting minimum wage as you might have expected. There are people other than you waiting for a bonus and promotion. Sometimes you might get less salary because you took an extra holiday or some other reason. Yeah, things get tougher when your salary is reduced due to some unexplainable excuses. Isn’t it?

4) Lack of Opportunities in this kind of field

As a full-time employee, your world is limited to your cubicle. If you are not meeting new people, if you are not out there exploring new things, from where do you expect to come across new opportunities? Your full time is consumed by waking up early, reaching office on time, working hard, working up some extra hours and then sleeping late after hardly spending time with family. Sometimes you even work on Sundays too. Thus, no opportunity.

5) No Work-Life Balance

No time for family, no time for your lover, no time even for yourself. Sometimes it all comes down to taking out some time and thinking why are you even doing this job? At times you wonder to quit it, then again you think about the status of unemployment the economy of the nation is going through. You fear to have no job at all. However, do you think you can live like this?

After going all these heartbreaking points, don’t you want to come out of the system and do something for yourself? Freelancing provides that opportunity. They get the scope for evolving, flexible timings, job security, a vast range of opportunities and good income as well.

So, this is why many people are turning into freelancers. Thus, without a doubt, freelancing is preferred over full-time jobs.

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