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4 Tips for Managing and Setting Team Expectations

The success of one company is built on many foundations. One of them is collaboration and managing your team’s expectations. 

Research states that the top reason for unhappiness at the workplace is a communication problem with the supervisor. One of the key fallibility, in this case, lies with the management. Often supervisors make incorrect assumptions that their employees have been provided with all the information they need to get the work done. Upon asking an employee to provide a completely different view about what is expected of them check this line.

Due to this communication failure and lack of employee engagement activities, they are unable to deliver the expected results. And in the end, a manager blames the employee, which ultimately leads to poor performance. 

Even if your employee has talent and experience to do the job, they still won’t be achieving anything if what they are supposed to do isn’t 100% clear. According to a survey, the key challenge in employee engagement is a low percentage of employees with knowledge of their organization’s goals. 

Here are 5 tips for managing and setting team expectations, to avoid poor performance and increase productivity. 

Share your vision

While an employer is hiring his employees, an employer must share his vision with the employees, the vision he sees for the company. Many employers forget to take this step, hence, find later that their employees aren’t as indulged in as they had hoped.   

There are a few reasons an employer wants to do this. When you share your idea your vision with someone else, you invite them to take part in the journey with you. This way you not only hire an employee but you also offer him/her a piece of your company, because they are now helping you to get your organization where you see it in ten years. With this, your vision creates ownership, ownership creates a great employee work ethic. 

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Clarify roles

Thoroughly review the job description and job duties. Do they match with the work that is actually being done? Are they an appropriate match for your expected structure?

In general, it is expected that the job description will accurately clarify 50-70% of the role. The rest of 30-50% requires flexibility as needed. 

Always remember that job description is the baseline and minimum expectation. For the people in your team who seek advancement, and career growth should be provided with development conversation focused on above and beyond.   

Set inspiring goals

It is very important to set goals right. If your goals support basic initiatives and are parallel with the department’s strategic goals, they have a lot of potentials to direct fluently. And on the other hand,  work starts to pile up. We often start to lose sight of the track and are unable to prioritize. In that situation goals help to gain refocus and help us to get back on track.  

Tie a measurable accomplishment to the goal, and it should sound challenging. Provide a visible difference between the success and the failure of a goal. Try to limit the timeframe within a year. And the achievement of goals should evoke a sense of pride. 

When to ward off

You can find tons of articles about how you can manage your employees effectively. An employer should definitely give them a read. That can change the way your business is currently running. Whereas, you might not find many articles telling you when to step aside and the effects of not standing over your employee cracking the whip. 

Give your employee space that will show them that you trust them which makes them happy. Just notice does your employee feels happy when you leave the room. There is a clever way to do this. Take help from an employee time tracking software which will give your employees the freedom they need and will also save much of your work.  

When you realize that your employees now can handle their day-to-day tasks, just slide out of the way, and make sure that they are fully aware of their responsibilities, and you are available to them when they need you.

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