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6 Tips To Buying In Click Frenzy!

The phrase “one is never better served than by oneself” is taken very seriously by compulsive shoppers you may be part of. Because Puretrend thinks about your wallet, here are some tips to calm your excessive purchases.

To buy is not a bad thing in itself, but, to pay in duplicate or in triplicate this small bloomer with flowers is still problematic. Click Frenzy sale is one of the biggest sales all over Australia and its worth buying on this event.

“It’s cheap, it’s worth it!”

Cheap products are sometimes of poor quality and do not last in time … Do not you think it is better to reduce your purchases in order to pay you better quality parts that take years?

A loss of pleasure

When a source of pleasure is too stimulated, it loses its intensity. In other words, the more you buy clothes and the more fun you take will be short and weak. Although satisfied at the moment, you will quickly forget this joy when another piece will make you an eye. This loss of intensity is therefore at the origin of this overconsumption of clothing, so it is a real vicious circle.

Do not pay in blue card

The dematerialization of money is largely responsible for our buying frenzies. The fact of not touching or feeling the money that is squandered, in a way, makes us lose our awareness of the act of spending. We recommend you to take a tour at the counter before starting your shopping sessions.

Zap online shopping

Alala, the Internet, is certainly the invention of the century, but it is also an umpteenth way to damage our bank account. The immediacy of the purchases made on the web makes us act out on a whim. Clicking on validates does not make us aware of the money we spend at that time. So prefer the traditional buying process (the store) which usually leaves more time for reflection.

“It’s not carmine red, but red Adrianople”

Our fashionista hearts are constantly attracted by new colors and new pieces that haunt our nights. But are they really necessary for our wardrobes already full to crack? When you are in front of an object of desire, ask yourself and think about a piece of your closet that looks like the new coveted product.

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