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8 Ways to Take Care of Your Air Conditioner

Quality air conditioners do not come cheap, yet are a staple in every household in the sultry Australian summer. To ensure their longevity and efficient performance, owners must take some care of their air conditioners. So, we have come up with some tips and tricks to make that AC work at its best every time you switch it on.

  • Change the filter every 3 months

The filter in an air conditioner not only keeps the air it ejects free from the outside dust and debris but also protects the more delicate interior parts the air conditioner from these elements. A clogged filter can have a major impact on the performance of the air conditioner. The dirt gets sucked deeper into the air conditioner and often jams the motor of the fan that cools your house. And, there is the unwanted bonus of dirt-filled air circulating in your room, which can trigger severe allergies and ailments, to say the least. So, it is essential for every owner to replace the filter every 3 months during the cooling.

  • Clean the filter

Apart from changing the filter regularly, it is a good habit for the homeowner to clean the filter with simple water. It takes off a lot of dust and grime in a very simple way. If you find any repulsive odour then consider soaking the filter in some soapy water and then giving it a good wash. Keeping the filter of the air conditioner clean can help you reduce the electricity bill by 5% to 15%.

  • Keep the Coils clean

Even with a clean filter in play, the condenser coils and evaporator coils collect dirt over time. Keeping them clean is vital after your professional air conditioner installation. A layer of accumulated dirt acts as a blanket of insulation over the coils reducing its ability to absorb heat. One can get cleaners meant specifically for this purpose in the market or online. While cleaning, be extra careful to not get only on the coils and not over any electrical wire.

  • Keep the fins in fantastic shape

Fins are thin and delicate aluminium structures that are located on the outdoor portion of the air conditioner near the compressor, as well as on the evaporator. Their job is to ensure the smooth flow of air into and out of the air conditioner. Since they are so delicate, they have a tendency to get bent and out of shape after regular use. This issue can be solved with a simple tool called fin comb, which is very easily available in shops. A heavily soiled fin can also impact and restrict the airflow into and out of the conditioner. Thus, a regular vacuum session is crucial to keep them in their best health.

  • Keep the condensation drain tube unclogged

An air conditioner makes a lot of condensation from the air. We are talking gallons. Now, the duct flows out the water, and we all know that mould, microbes, and algae love themselves a humid home. So, it is not uncommon for the duct to get all clogged up with dirt and slime. It can be solved easily with a special pan tablet that needs to be shoved into the duct to keep it clean and odour-free throughout the summer season. Swapping the tubing of the duct with a new one, which has a wider diameter, can also reduce the problem of water puddling around.

  • Window seals for the win

To ensure that not an ounce of the cooled air escaped from the room, make sure to install window seals as soon as you get your professional air conditioner installation. Before every summer season, check these seals thoroughly to fix any of the ones which might seem to have gotten damaged.

  • Prep for the wintertime

Welcome winter by cleaning your AC unit and covering it in a protective cover, which will keep it away from dust and debris during the harsh winter months.

  • Hire a professional when needed

Whether it’s the installation or bi-yearly maintenance, make sure to leave the complex jobs to the experts. You do not want to poke around with a screwdriver in the hopes of fixing a severe problem. Keep your expertise limited to the cleaning of the air conditioner if you do not want to risk any harm to your expensive air conditioner.

Thankfully, hiring a well-seasoned AC technician is now just a matter of a few taps in the keyboard and maybe a phone call away.

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