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9 Things That Every Yogi Should Check Before Selecting Yoga Teacher Training

The number of people doing yoga worldwide has increased tremendously over the past few years. People practice yoga in yoga studios, parks and homes. There are people who want to break free from their mundane lifestyle and go on a yoga retreat. It helps you to connect with your mind, body and soul surrounded by nature. Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is the most well known teacher training in the world.  

If you are a yoga enthusiast and looking for a yoga teacher training but do not know how to decide which program suits you best, then this post is for you. You should be careful while selecting a yoga teacher training as you will be investing your time and money into it which has to be worthwhile. 

The following are the things that every yogi should check before selecting yoga teacher training:

  1. Your objective

This may not sound important to you but identifying your objective will help you in the long run. You should identify whether you want to become a yoga teacher or strengthen your knowledge about yoga. Once you have identified your true objective it will be easier for you to pick the right yoga teacher training for yourself. 

  • Yoga Alliance certification  

The Yoga Alliance is an international governing body for yoga which has set the standard for yoga teacher training program. Make sure that the yoga school you choose should be certified by the Yoga Alliance. If you want to become a yoga teacher then this will make your job hunting process easier.   

  • Style of yoga

There are many forms of yoga and not all styles of yoga will suit you. Ashtanga, Power, and Vinyasa yoga are good choices for people who are more physically inclined. Yin and Restorative are for people who do not want to do a lot of physical efforts. Yoga styles like Acro focus more physically and Kundalini focuses less energetically. If you are a beginner in yoga then you should explore different styles of yoga and see what works for you.

Your first 200 hours teacher training will be ‘building blocks’ for your yoga journey, so you can begin with a mainstream style of yoga, and explore other styles during your training.

  • Experience of the school

It’s important to choose a reputed yoga school. A teacher training is an investment, both in terms of money and time, so it is important to distinguish between reputable schools with a proven track record, and new yoga schools that may not have a great deal of experience offering trainings.

There will be several hundreds of yoga graduates from an experienced yoga school. The easiest way to look out for their reviews is internet. You can search for genuine feedback from people of yoga schools and base your decision on that. Look for more number of graduates from a school which will have more number of feedbacks. 

  • Experience of teachers

Teachers are the biggest assets of a training school. You will inevitably look up to your teachers when you are learning to teach. The experience of teachers greatly matter in yoga teacher training. While selecting a yoga school you should look for the teaching team of that particular school and the number of years of their experience in the field of yoga and their specializations. You will be able to learn from them as to how to go about in your yoga career if at all you are aspiring to make a career in it. This will help you greatly in taking your yoga career forward.  

  • Budget

Budget is an important aspect of selecting a yoga teacher training. It is a heavy investment which differs from place to place and school to school. It will include everything ranging from accommodation to travel cost and food. You need to make sure that your yoga teacher training is worth every penny that you invest. Find a yoga school that fits your budget and do not make a hole in your pocket. You can look for yoga schools that offer discounts during certain period of time or the ones that accept payments in installments.  

If you are trying to make a career in yoga, remember that it will take you time to be able to earn good money out of it. So, it is advisable to make up your mind first, start saving for a yoga teacher training and then go about it so that you do not feel the burden all of a sudden. 

  • Number of students

You will receive more individual attention, tips, and feedback in a smaller group just like it happens in a school. A group of 25-30 students or less is perfect so that you can have interesting discussions and your questions can be answered. The class size will be large enough so that you can have examples of different types of bodies which will help you in understanding the anatomy and prepare for the future.

  • Duration

Normally a 200 hour yoga teacher training will range from 24-28 weeks. Many yoga schools pack these hours into different formats. You have to find a schedule that works best for you.

  • Place of the training

It may seem of less value but the location of your training influences greatly your ability to absorb new things. Our outer environment has an impact on our inner environment. 

Some training courses take place near beautiful beachside while others are situated mountains and forests. Make the most of your experience while choosing for the best place for yourself which you have always wanted to visit. You can look for Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh which can be a fit for your budget but depends upon which part of the world you live in. 

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