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A Quick Guide to Clean Vape Pens At Home

As a proud owner of a vaporizer pen, you would understand how important it is to keep it squeaky clean. A clean pen will perform better whereas a neglected vaporizer is likely to smell bad even while using the best of dry herbs available to you. Moreover, a vaporizer that is not cleaned regularly also runs the risk of getting gummed due to residue build-up. This can force the device to overwork, harming it and impacting its longevity in the process.

You will also end up saving money if you take the trouble of cleaning your vape clean. You won’t need to worry about ordering replacement parts because your vaporizer would always be in top-notch condition. Cleaning a vaporizer isn’t difficult or time-consuming. All you need is a few cleaning supplies and some time.

How to Clean a Vaporizer Easily

  • Quick Clean – It is wise that you make it a habit to quickly clean the vaporizer after every use. You don’t need to do much – just use a poking tool or a wire brush (sometimes included with the vaporizer) to remove all the residue. If your brush isn’t around or you cannot find it, simply use a toothpick to clean. If you think cleaning it after every use is tiresome, at least make a habit of cleaning once a week.
  • Deep Clean – Deep cleaning is time-taking but worth every minute of your time. You will need to disassemble the vaporizer completely (you will find the how-to steps in the user manual). A dry herb vaporizer generally comprises a mouthpiece, battery, and a heating chamber. While deep cleaning remembers to spend considerable time on each segment so that all dry dirt or residue that gets settled easily is thoroughly removed. Dip your waterproof or washable pieces in alcohol for a few hours. Make sure you are sure to wish pieces can be submerged in alcohol before taking them for a dip. First, take out the dry herb chamber and ensure that it is all empty and no loose material is sticking on its edges. If you want to save the residue for later use, keep an ashtray handy. Do not tap the vape over the ashtray as you may damage the exterior finish or the inside components. Remember that you should not use any liquid cleaning solution (only on parts instructed by the owner’s manual) on your vape pen as this could damage the wiring. Gently brushing the edges should do the job.

You will find a unique range of vape pens and vaporizers at The Stash Shack if you want to add to your collection. Cleaning them is as easy as using them. You wouldn’t need to do much cleaning as portable vaporizers are easy to maintain.

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