AnimaLove in the UK: 3 Kid-Friendly Farm Parks in Reading!

A good kind of travel is that which will teach you a lot of important things and will let you enjoy at the same time. There’s no time to waste on a trip you’ve planned for a long time and you’ve waited excitedly for! It must be packed with adventure, learning and fun!

Reading in the United Kingdom houses a few farm parks for the whole family to love! They serve as a sweet shelter for animals. Some are centered on merely growing and breeding animals, while some are like tourists spots where people can meet and frisk with Reading’s kind farm buddies face-to-face! 

Take note, green nature-filled places such as a farm park and close interaction with lovely animals positively impact physical, emotional and mental health of humans. Amazing, right? You do not just travel, spend money and be plainly happy! You do it for greater causes for you and your family. That’s what you do when you pop in a visit to farm parks in Reading!

With that, if you are traveling or if you are planning to fly to this large UK town, you better check out these 3 farm parks together with your family, including the kids!

[1] Bucklebury Farm Park

Source – TripAdvisor

Discover the sweet history of this farm park in Bucklebury, and you will be open-mouthed at how it began as a simple farm and progressed into a flourishing famous farm and animal sanctuary today.

It’s the Bucklebury Farm (Bucklebury Farm & Deer Safari Park). With 77 acres of land situated in the breathtakingly scenic Pang Valley, this farm park offers an experience as lovely as nothing else! It’s a site of an awesome UK treat that will be interesting to the whole family! 

Before it became what it is right now, it was actually a regular farm with corn as its main crop. It also takes care of a small flock of sheep back then. The next upgrade happened with strawberries being grown in the field. That’s when it started to become a known farm where people can pick their own strawberry fruits.

Rare breed Berkshire pigs, goats, ponies, donkeys, poultry and many more farm animals can be found here! If it’s the Holidays, it would be really cool if you’ll be able to be friends with a reindeer in Bucklebury Farm.

As part of this farm park’s features, four different deer breeds are sheltered. Also, if you are going to be their beloved guest, the farm is honored to give you a one-of-a-kind Reading experience in tractor rides so you get nearer contact with a herd of deer. Curious little kids will surely smile to the tops of their heads for such a wonderful trip!

There are outdoor and indoor activities for everybody entering the Bucklebury Farm Park. Aside from coming to the deer park, you can go on nature trails, and be embraced by the captivating allure of Mother Earth in this side of the globe! 

Aside from Bambi’s family, other farm animals can be petted, fed, cuddled and watched! Have a close meet-and-greet with little rabbits, baby lambs, guinea pigs, goat kids and many more! Little kids would definitely be fond of seeing these children animals, babied like them.

If you want your kids to stay in a covered area, or if the weather suddenly changes from sunny to rainy, or from cloudy to too sunny, you can bring them in the indoor play area which can be for both the little ones and the big ones! Not only kids but even the big adults will undoubtedly have loads of laughter and enthusiasm in Adventure Playgrounds, Obstacle Courses, Go-Karts and the Jumping Pillow which is one of them that rarely exist in the United Kingdom. 

A family of four has a special entrance rate, and kids aged below 2 can go for free. After the day of strolling around the Bucklebury Farm Park, you can head to the Woody’s Cafe where you can enjoy delightful treats that will make your tummy full and your eyes sparkle! 

Amners Farm

Source – YouTube – Richard Powell

Something the kids might be curious about horses and hay can be answered by Amners Farm. Located in Burghfield, this farm is a good tourist destination choice for families and also for businessmen who are horse owners to be exact!

Actually, the main work inside the farm is haylage, hay and straw production which are important for horses’ nutrition needs. An alternative to grass, haylage can provide sufficient fiber to ensure that horses’ get the proper amount based on their health necessities.

Moreover, Amners Farm also offers equestrian facilities that help horse owners keep their neighing buddies active and trained! 

You will be introduced to the Amnerfield Miniature Railway which is a sought-after attraction here. People of all ages can jump onto this ride and observe the scenic woodland and pastures of the farm! Further, one of the favorite features is lambing days which involves pony rides, straw play barn, shearing demonstrations and falconry.

If it so happens that you’re traveling to Reading for a special occasion like a birthday or a family reunion, you can rent the events area of Amners Farm, and have a beautifully unforgettable celebration!

Lockey Farm

Source – GetReading

If you want to let your kids witness how some of the food served at home really gets on your tables, you should visit Lockey Farm in Sindlesham Road. It’s a place where you will be dazed, informed and tummy-filled! 

Lockey Farm is comprised of three main sections: the farm, the butcher and the coffee shop. The other significant parts are fabulous play areas for the younger and older kiddos! Visitors are also very much pleased because the parking spaces are big enough to cater a number of guests in a busy day! Of course, it has prepared itself for the excited families, both locals and tourists, who come! It’s beneficial for travelers since its location isn’t very far from where people are, and good-quality accommodation in Reading are around too. 

In the farm itself, you and your kids will fall in love with the beauty of the animals being taken care of and grown well. Animals can roam free, assured that they are safe from guests’ activities and ensured that the guests are also free from danger. That’s the case, especially since Lockey Farm is a working farm.

You can interact nicely with the animals. Have fun with llamas, pigs, geese, ducks, donkeys, sheep, goats, cows and many more! Food that you will feed them are only those supplied and allowed by the farm management. A park where you can rest and your kids can run around and play is kept clean and safe. There are game and play areas too! 

There is a butcher stall inside where you can see a variety of meats and many more! Your kids will be astonished at how those meats they see can be your meal right inside their cafe! They’re farm-fresh and fresh-cooked, so you’re even more gleeful to know and to let your kids have such an awesome experience in Reading. 

The cafe’s staff are all congenial and accommodating, so you feel comfortable ordering, asking and even making demands regarding your diet requirements, if any. Service is swift and foods are delectable, so even if you choose to eat first before going around the farm, you won’t waste any time, and you won’t run out of time.

Before you head out from Lockey Farm, don’t you forget to go and buy something from their shop. After all, you will never know when you’re coming back to Reading. You must treasure the golden opportunity. Famous in their farm shop are the scotch eggs, local cheeses and other organic products. You should purchase farm special toys as souvenirs! Aside from the worth-recalling memories, take home items that will always make you remember your great time in Lockey Farm.

For sure, your children will be amazed to see everything that happens in Lockey Farm. If you visit Reading in a season that’s right relative to the lambs’ giving birth season, it would be fantastic! 

Coming to Lockey Farm is something you will not regret. What’s more, you don’t just roam around alone and clueless, but a friendly tour guide will share with you relevant information in an engaging and entertaining farm tour! Don’t miss out because your free entrance comes together with a free coffee!


AnimaLove in Reading

Make it a meaningful and productive travel in Reading! Visit these farm parks together with your family. Everyone will totally have a merry time you will always cherish!


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