Custom Boxes with Logo: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works for All

Customization is the process in which consumers get the product according to their desires and demand. It bestows trust and deep satisfaction to the consumers.  When you look forward to Custom boxes, so many things need to be attentive and you need to customize according to the demand. Such things are listed there:

  • Brand logo
  • Text style of logo
  • Text style of related information about the product
  • Customize sizes of box
  • Styles of box-like gable shape, window, hexagon, and sleeves, etc.
  • Die-cut edges of the box
  • Material of box
  • Shades and texture designing of box

Now we put new light of thinking on logo understanding. In addition to this, a logo is the identity of any brand, and company like NESTLE is a parent company that has you on the logo and shows their identity through logo on the innumerable variety of products.

Place Logo on the box:

Placing the logo on the box is a very critical step for the brand because of it shows the logic and hidden idea behind this logo. Custom boxes with logo bestow the opportunity to the consumers to make maximum customization in logo regarding the image, text, symbol, slogans, and signs, etc.  In the packaging world, different types of logos are used to bestowing the pictorial and textual image for brand identity. You can use any logo what you want as per your need and to makes eyes at for consumers. The list is broken down in seven section like:

  • Monogram logos
  • Abstract logo marks
  • Wordmarks Logo
  • Pictorial logo
  • The Emblem logo
  • Combination mark logo
  • Mascots logo

Monogram Logo:

Monogram logos are also called letter marks logo. Such logos are consisting of letters that are initials of a brand name like is shows through these examples:

  • IBM (International Business Machines)
  • UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
  • BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)
  • HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Abstract logo marks:

In abstract logo marks, you could not select an image that gives a clear picture like an apple. You could use an abstract image or symbol like Adidas flower petal shapes instead of a recognizable symbol. More examples are listed below:

  • Bp starburst
  • Pepsi divided the circle into three parts and one of them the white y- strip area

Wordmarks Logo:

Wordmark logo is also a font-based logo; it does not show initials of the brand. Instead, it shows the unique one-word name of a company that distinct from others. It can make memorable and eye-catchy with the great typography efforts for the target audience. The example of wordmark brands logo is here for your convince:

  • VISA

  Pictorial logo:

The pictorial logo is based a graphic and iconic work. It bestows the graphic picture on the consumer’s mind whenever they recall the brand name. A pictorial logo is the alone mark that is instantly recognizable. In this regarding the most famous pictorial logo brands are listed here:

  • Iconic Apple Logo
  • Target Bullseye
  • And the Twitter Blue Bird

The Emblem logo:

Such a logo is based on font that used inside an icon or symbol. Its appearance, like badges and seals, that engaging the heavy number of consumers. In addition to this, emblem logo is used for schools and institutions. Also is consisting of the traditional look of the logo. The famous examples are listed here:

  • Harvard
  • Harley Davidson
  • Starbucks Coffee

Combination mark logo:

This sort of logo is the Conjunct combination of two, three types like letter marks, wordmark, pictorial mascot, and abstract logo. For understanding some names of a brand to be listed:

  • Burger King
  • Lacoste
  • Doritos

Mascots logo:

Mascots logo is the most interesting and engaging form of the logo because it involves an illustrated character and boosting the engagement of consumers from other competitors’ brand. Some mascots illustrated character logos brand are listed below:

  • Planters, Mr. Peanut
  • KFC’ Colonel
  • Kool-Aid Man
  • Mr. Clean
  • Robins

Highlight the product:

By using the custom boxes with logo, you can highlight your product getting the deep trust of consumers in the pool of other competitors. Because of it, your brand identity and explain details about the product. If your logo not up to the mark and not captivating the consumers its means, that is useless. Furthermore, association in color scheming in your product and logo is mandatory for your brand growth. Like NESTLE have a good combination of color scheming in dairy products packaging. They use the same logo on different products, but all products bestow the appealing look. Nevertheless, the logo of nestle depicts the massage about their products of good food for a good life through the birds nest.  It is lightening the massage for securing and maintain good health.

 Marketing through custom logos:

Customized and personalized cases with logo are the big chance for marketing. This method works awesomely for delivering the elegant quality of the product. You can run marketing campaigns by using the logo. Because in provokes the brand recognition in the industry and your logo is a registered trademark that saves from copyright issues. Like Uber, have your font style that no a single person copy them. For making your logo eye-catchy and trendy for marketing purpose, please follow some steps like;

  • Conduct research
  • Set your goals
  • Check the analysis
  • Know the new trends about targeted population
  • Adopt new strategies and tactics for logo
  • Know about color management issues of a logo for printing and online version
  • Follow CMYK and Pentagons
  • Make a unique logo
  • Make promotion labels for giving incentives to the consumes grabbing the attention

All the above-mentioned steps make your logo captivating and fruitful for marketing purposes.

Branding -Word of Mouth:

The vital and actual purpose of custom logo is branding all over the globe.  For branding purposes, your logo must look luxuries, unique and mesmerizing. You can add many factors for making your beauteous logo:

  • Gold and silver foiling
  • Embossing and debossing effect
  • Maximum customization like text, designs, shapes, symbol, icon, and letter style, etc.

You can also use wholesale printed logos for the branding of your product because it available at affordable rates. Consumer like suppliers in the UK those is bestowing the custom wholesale packaging options for them.


Nowadays, every brand and business holder wants to make a unique logo for your products. All and sundry wish to become a most attention-grabbing brand for the target consumers. For this purpose, they try to make alluring and amazing logos by hook and by crook. They make changes in your logo and advertising campaign to compete in the cluster of competitors. Like PANTENE, change your logo and style for surviving in the new era. And fruitfully done to renovate your older look in a new and appealing look.

Here is the old look of PATENE brand logo that he makes earlier years for the promotion of their products.

And image show the new look of PANTENE logo

All the above discussion shows that custom printed logo is one of the best ways that works for brand progress, and it is the backbone of the product.  Because it shows identity of your brand. Without brand identity, you cannot choose your favorite brand for buying the products.

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