How To Get Your Own Design Printed Shirts

People may not have realized it yet, but there are various types of t-shirts out there in the market today, and most of them have some kind of print – but where did they come from?

It is easy to purchase a printed shirt from the mall or any departmental store, but where do the department stores get these printed shirts from, and where can someone like me get custom printed shirts for an event, activity, club, or organization?

The complete information you need on how to get your shirt printed is right here! We’ll step you through the conception of an idea and selecting a sublimation-printer.

The conception of a T-Shirt Printing Idea

Before you start doing anything, you should decide on what you need the shirts for. It may sound foolish because you obviously have an idea of what you need t-shirts for or you wouldn’t be reading this article!

Nonetheless, this decision may affect whether or not you are able to skip some steps in the process.

For instance: If you are a leader of a team and need all over print shirts to hand out to the members and are not making any significant profit on the shirts, you’ll need to come up with at least an idea of a design for the shirts you need to be printed.

However, if you’re a softball coach seeking to make money to pay for your team’s uniforms, maybe you’ll opt for a sublimation printers apparel fundraising program (which many sublimation printers do offer).

Tips To Pick The Right Design For Your Shirt

  • Draw your artwork with clean, black lines

In general, if you are hand drawing your artwork, do it with a black, felt tip pen or some other type of marker to create thick, clean lines. Use some sort of guide if you have to in order to get straight lines.

  • Do not shade or color in areas on the artwork

Instead, give the sublimation printer more than one copy of the artwork – one with only black outlines and another colored in or with the color name written in.

Keeping these in mind will save your sublimation printer from having to do extensive work on your artwork, which should, in turn, save you from having to pay extra in artwork fees. It’ll probably surprise and impress the sublimation printer too!

How To Select A sublimation Printer

This is one of the most imperative steps to get the right sublimation printing t shirts because, as you’ve read from the article, the sublimation printer can play an integral part in designing the artwork and consulting you on your design before it’s printed.

Therefore, it’s usually good to pick a good printer that you feel comfortable with that you can quickly call with your printing questions.

1. Look for Local Printers

Contrary to what you believe, there is most definitely a sublimation printer in your vicinity! Many people believe that you have to pay a premium to order shirts online because there isn’t a printer near them (myself included before I got into the business) – but it’s simply not true!

The town that I live in (yes its a town – not even big enough for a city!) has three sublimation printers!! I guarantee you that there is one near you.

Local sublimation printers will most likely be your best option because they will work with you the best. They may even know more about the group or organization you’re getting your shirts printed for than someone you found online in another state would ever know.

Local sublimation printers may not have the lowest prices, but many of them are extremely competitive, considering the fact that they are a small business.

Your best bet for pricing is to look the printers up in the phone book, give them a quick call, quickly explain what you want to them and ask for a quote (they should give you one on the spot).

2. Check Out Their Portfolio

An ordinary sublimation-printer probably doesn’t have an actual book filled with the previous jobs they’ve done. But they will have a lot of their previous work hanging around their shop.

If you’re worried about a sublimation printer’s quality, then pay a visit to their shop and take a look around. A quick visit can describe to you a lot about sublimation printers’ equipment and their capability.

3. Check Their Price

While I think you should seek a local sublimation printer to do your work for you, I don’t want you to get taken advantage of. In general, the cost of a plain jane t-shirt, such as the one Gildan makes, is right around the $2 mark.

Anything more than that is what the sublimation printer is making in profit. There are other costs like equipment and ink for the sublimation printer, but in general, this rule works.

Before you start badgering the sublimation printer for how much profit he’s making, consider how many pieces you’re asking to be printed and how complex the design is.

Hopefully, these tips will be of some help as you go through the selection process. There are many more things to consider!


Getting your very own design printed on your shirts can be very fun and exciting – who doesn’t want the feeling of designing something yourself and then being able to wear it around for everyone else to see proudly?

Good sublimation printers have a similar feeling – the pride of making others happy and giving them a good quality product.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to receive a high-quality print and sublimation printer you are completely satisfied with!

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