Different Health Benefits Of Black Tea

Made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, black tea is unique, having digestive benefits, nutritional value, and anti-cancer benefits. Black tea is low in calories and sodium, have complex flavonoids with anti-oxidants. Black tea is consumed due to its numerous health benefits by millions of people around the globe.

Black tea for cancer prevention

People who use tobacco products, black tea can prevent breast cancer, oral cancer, prostate cancer, and stomach cancer in them. The polyphenols in black tea can prevent carcinogens in the body, which is beneficial for preventing certain types of cancer, such as lung cancer, bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.

Black tea for oral health

The tannins and polyphenols content of the black tea prevent the formation of plaque, kill the oral bacteria responsible for tooth decay. Daily consumption of traditional black tea can help you get rid of bad breath resulting in good oral health. 

 Along with excellent oral health, black tea is also beneficial for the digestive system. Consumption of the beverage soothes intestinal illness and gastric. The tannin content of black tea is high as compared to other teas, which have numerous benefits for overall health.    

The nutritional value of the beverage contains proteins, anion acids, carbohydrates, caffeine, potassium, minerals, manganese, etc. the potent anti-oxidants of the tea makes it a healthier beverage for all the people. Due to the increased demand for black tea, the leading brands are offering the best Chinese black tea in their online stores at an affordable range.

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