DME Eligibility Verification

DME Eligibility Verification Made Easy With The Sunknowledge Advantage

Earn an opportunity to improve your collections by 70% with accurate prior authorization services done by us. We are a complete medical billing and collections company, offering state of the art support in practice management/ revenue cycle management to some of the biggest names in the HME/DMEPOS segment.

Presently, we are working with the leading names in the HME world and have a foot print that extends from the East to as far as Hawaii Islands in the West. Over the last decade, we have earned a unique edge of working with both healthcare payers and providers with admirable credentials.

We offer seamless proficiency across all major platforms in use for the DMEPOS world, also equipped to offer the right support in all client proprietary systems. As a 100% HIPAA compliant destination, Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers proactive support with a keen understanding of the best practices of the industry.

On an end to end / ala carte basis, Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers:

Billing Services
Pre Billing Eligibility Verification – online
Eligibility Verification – online (with same/similar check)
Eligibility Verification – calling (with same/similar check)
Eligibility Verification – calling (with same/similar check) BCBS
Prior Authorization
Prior Authorization (with dr.’s office follow/up) / Re-authorization
Dr.’s office follow-up
Order entry (patient, provider, insurance, item etc.)
Post Billing Rejection management
Posting – auto (without audit)
Posting – auto (with audit)
Posting – manual
A/R follow-up
A/R & Denial Management
Support Activities CPAP Compliance (with patient counseling calls)
Patient collections
Re-supply order calls (to patient to confirm requirement)
Hold (eligibility, auth, ins. change, manual hold etc.)

We are just a call away! Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage and let us work as your ultimate operational extension. We offer task specific support in: DME eligibility verification, prior authorization, and denial management and accounts receivable collections. Let our team share with you, our ability to offer you with streamlined assistance as a next gen medical billing and collections company. Drive your ROI with the Sunknowledge advantage!

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