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Ensuring Your Roof is Prepared for the Snow in Winter

The house’s roof has to be resistant enough to a host of different environmental conditions. Whether it be rain, excessive heat or even snow, the rood needs to be sturdy enough to withstand it all. If you are thinking of getting a new roof made or replaced, then you need to keep in mind the local weather conditions that the house’s exterior has to go through. 

The ice and snow can be pretty detrimental to the upper portion of your house’s exterior. Here is how you can make roof prone to the snowy hail that is bound to come in the cold months of winter. If you are about to install new roof in your home, these tips will be especially helpful. 

Going with the Metal Option

If durability is your priority, then you can never go wrong with metal. It’s the most ideal option for the roof. The metal has the ability to withstand the huge amount of weight that snow has in it. So the months of December, where it’s snowing the most, you would not have to worry about your roof breaking at all! 

Another reason why it’s a great option is that the snow is cannot physically adhere to the metal surface. That means that rarely any snow stays on top of your house. That means you are free from a lot of unwanted leaks and roof repairs!

Some homeowners prefer this option because it gives them further options to add in different features such as snow shields or roof heaters. These add-ons can help ensure that snow is not a problem for that area of the house. 

In the winter season, the metal material is going to help retain heat inside your house without you worrying about it. 

Tiles Made of Cement Are Good Too

People love adding in cement tiles in their house because of their beautiful pigmented colors and strong composition of concrete. However, there have more benefits than merely aesthetic ones. They are actually erosion-resistant! That means that the snow’s water would not be able to slowly erode your roof away. Hence, it would be able to last for a considerably longer time.

Similarly, to metal, they are a great choice if you would like your house’s exterior to retain as much heat as it possibly can. Despite not being as lightweight as metal is, they are still strong enough to not let the snow penetrate it. Moreover, the vicious hails and winds cannot cause a roof with cement tiles to crack! It is for this very reason that companies offering Residential Roofing Service would recommend you this ideal option. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that this option is expensive. Don’t do it if you have not allocated a separate financial fund for renovation of the house. 

Solar Panels Are a Good Shield

People think solar panels would be a bad option in snowy weather. On the contrary, they are actually something you should definitely install. The solar panels protect your roof against the snow. The reason for this is technical. Actually, they have photovoltaic sensors installed in them so that they can automatically capture the maximum amount of light and heat. The heat would make any snow on the panels melt. Ultimately, there would be no settling snow on your roof when you have got the solar panels. 

Cleaning the Rain Gutters

There is other thing you can do to ensure your roof is safe from the hard snow. Cleaning the rain gutters is pretty important in any part of the year. But in Winter, it becomes especially more important. If the gutters happen to be clogged, then the melted snow would have no way to leave the roof. The snow and water would just pile up on your roof and burden it. This can lead to leakages, cracks, dents and a lot more. Therefore, it is of the utmost priority to always keep all the gutters clean, free and unclogged. 

Heat Cable Is a Viable Option Too

If you do not have time or the money for a fancy renovation but the problem of snow is getting worse, there’s always a heat cable you can install. The cable will help thaw any snow or ice that is building up on lower area of the rood. When all the snow would be in its molten state, it can easily leave the roof via the gutters. Consult your local roofing contractor and ask if there are any affordable heat cables available for you to buy. Just make sure you are getting your value for money, since there can be fraudulent businessmen selling you the wrong cables. 

Always Ensure There’s No Snow Accumulation on the Roof

Sometimes the snowfall can be so excessive that it can lead to the roof being burdened too much. In some unfortunate cases, this has caused collapse of the roof! So, you must be really careful to ensure there’s no snow accumulation. The best way to do that is to get a flexible snow rake. Get one that has an extendable arm. This is going to be quite helpful in removing the snow on the upper area of your house. Check out a tutorial online on how to do it properly. Inexperienced people can be injured whilst doing this. 

Hiring Snow Removal Services

Plenty of times it happens that we have used all the methods and there is still too much snow. If you are unable to handle a huge amount of snow on your roof, you could hire a professional service to help your clear out the problem. 

Don’t Use Chemical Snow Removal

Homeowners regularly use chemical snow removal agents that contain strong chemicals such as calcium chloride. While these works perfectly fine on your driveways, they are not suitable for your roof. In fact, these chemicals can damage it significantly. 

You could consult a professional roofing contractor to resolve any issue you are facing while implementing these methods. A professional is going to assist you in an in-depth manner. 


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