How to Become A Perfect Yoga Practitioner

Many beginners or intermediates strive to get that balance and perfection in their yoga journey. Everyone wants to achieve that instantly. But yoga is not about speed; rather it’s a steady practice that tests your patience.

Just like most beautiful things in nature come to life over a period, such as a blooming flower, the most astonishing yoga poses also happen over time. Here are a few tips to help you get to the perfect balance of body and mind using yoga:

Be patient

The current shape of your body is due to the lifestyle you have lived for years. So, it will take a lot of time to form a new habit of a healthy yogic lifestyle and consuming healthy food for nourishment. Don’t be stressed if you take more than a month leaning one yoga pose. Simply work on it without giving up and perform your asanas for as long as you can. This will slowly but certainly help you achieve what you want.

Challenge your body only to a level it can bear

Don’t be too harsh on yourself to get a specific yoga teacher training and certification. When you proceed with your yoga practice regularly, keep challenging yourself to a certain level to get that intended perfection. But don’t try to reach perfection too soon. For instance, challenge your body for just a week to practice a pose and then go a little further and start bending/twisting or extending the duration of the pose. Take the challenges that feel healthy as per your body, without draining yourself.

Breath control

Breathing is an essential aspect of a yoga practice. With proper breath control, you can circulate oxygen into your body while posing. On the other hand, wrong breathing can limit the pose. So, always follow the correct breathing instructions given by your instructor. The rhythmic and slow breathing will help you achieve the perfect posture and right body balance even during the tough poses.


Make sure you practice yoga in a healthy environment, as air quality also plays an important role in improving your postures. Always practice yoga in a room that gets fresh air and sunlight in the morning. By practising yoga in a healthy environment, you will notice a tremendous change in your body flexibility and freshness of mind.

Practice static poses

After mastering the dynamic poses, do practice the static poses for as long as you can. Every pose has a static posture that you must hold for up to 2 to 3 minutes and slowly increase the holding time. This will help in loosening body joints, as well as a relaxing mind and muscles, over time. After a couple of weeks, you will notice no pain while holding poses for a long duration.

Sync body and mind while practising

No matter you are enrolled in a 500, 300 or 200-hour yoga teacher training course or practising yoga daily at home, your mind and body must be in sync while practising it. The mind is like a monkey that jumps from one topic to another. So, be aware of your thoughts and bring your mind back in synchronization with your body for perfect balancing of poses.

Enjoy yoga sessions

The most important factor when practising yoga is to enjoy it. When you start enjoying it, you will not feel stressed over attaining posture perfection too soon.

Just love yourself no matter what happens and you will soon be the master of yoga.

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