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How to get clear skin naturally

Do you want tips to look naturally beautiful and clear glossy!

Learn here tips on how you can naturally look beautiful with simple and clear steps. Getting clear skin is a dream for all of us, especially for women. For many of us, it is still a dream. But if you have clear skin tips, that will suit you.

1. The best tips for cleansing the skin: what you eat reflects your face. Your eating routine supplies nutrients to your body to repair damaged tissue, restore collagen, build new cells and bones, produce enzymes and proteins, etc.

(I) Try to follow a diet: including fruits and vegetables, fiber, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates that do not contain saturated fat. Eat berries, the best food for clean skin, because they contain antioxidants that prevent skin aging.

(ii) Avoid excessive abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, as this can cause premature aging of the skin. Read the following very good article for the best tips to consume fewer calories to get clear skin naturally:

2. Natural and clear face Keep your skin hydrated from the inside: One of the most important functions of the skin is to detoxify your body and therefore your skin is hydrated a natural tip on “how to clean the skin.” of course. “

If your body contains a lot of waste, your skin won’t shine or shine. To get rid of poison and waste, you have to drink a lot of water.

(I) A lot of water a day is a good way to prevent acne and lighten the skin.

(ii) But be careful because drinks that contain water do not give the same results as water. Beverages containing water such as coffee, pop, tea, and other caffeinated beverages do not help hydrate the skin but eliminate skin dehydration.

3. Wash your face and Exercise: toxins and excessive oil release from the skin glands are the main cause of your skin problems. make sure you use face wash twice a day. Regular exercise not only helps to keep your weight under control, but also stimulates blood circulation throughout the body, including the face.

(I) Sweat during exercise to open the pores of your body, including the face. After exercise, shower and wash your face to eliminate sweat and toxins. This helps to clean the skin.

(ii) During adolescence, acne develops primarily through the escalation of hormonal work. Regular exercise helps with the regulation of hormonal waves.

4. Remove cosmetics before you go to sleep: your skin must also breathe. If you sleep on your face with makeup, your pores will remain clogged at night and with clogged pores you cannot have clean skin.

5. Smart sleep: you not only need enough sleep to lighten the skin and repair damaged tissue, but you also need to sleep well to minimize the risk of dirt and oil on your face while you sleep, which is an important cause is from acne.

(I) Replace the cover of your pillow at least once a week: oil, dirt, saliva and dirt stick to the pillow when you sleep and this, in turn, comes back to your face when you sleep, what could be the cause of the growing grains. Clean the pillow covers or replace them regularly.

(ii) Grab your hair back while you sleep: use your headband or ponytail to prevent the hair from touching the hair with your face. This helps prevent acne.

6. Follow good daily washing treatments in the morning and at night: this helps to slow down the growth of bacteria and to lighten the skin:

(I) Wash your hands before touching or washing your face so that germs or dirt are not transferred from hands to face.

(ii) Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face. Do not wipe too hard or wipe your face with a rough cloth.

(iii) Use toner (optional): you can skip this step if your skin is dry. Consider using toner if your skin is oily or combined.

(iii) Use a moisturizer: for dry skin use a strong moisturizer and for oily and combination skin for clearer use.

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