How to get free shopping coupons for more savings
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How to get free shopping coupons for more savings

Shopping is something people do every day. In this pop-culture world, people are constantly trying to get their hands on items that are popular these days. Brands stay relevant through their extensive marketing, and the way they achieve this is by branding through celebrities and famous sportsperson. Whether it’s a model rocking a Gucci purse or a sportsman rocking Nike shoes, we are constantly being reminded of the trends and norms of the times. But sometimes, buying these stuff can be expensive. As popular brands are usually high priced, it takes away the possibility of purchasing them for the average consumer. In these tough times, when there is so much to buy from, getting a fair priced deal is hard. To save us from this trouble, coupons were invented.

Coupons act as the messiah for us average consumers. It gives you discounts and proper deals on items that are usually out of your pocket league. Coupons saves a lot of money, but finding them is hard. It requires extensive surfing through magazines and newspapers to find the right deal for the right product, cutting them and collecting them. Doing all of this hard work sometime makes you feel that it isn’t worth it. Good news is, if you have a smartphone, which you probably do living in today’s world, you have the perfect couponing tool already. There are many apps that can scan a product and gives you the best deal available on that product, just like that. Gone are the days when you were forced to sniff through magazines and newspaper for your discounts. It can be done through your smartphone, or through your laptop if you like to do your shopping online. There are many apps and online extensions made for the purpose of offering you discounts on your favorite products. We have put together a list of apps and online extensions that by using them, you can get the best discounts on any product, saving you tons of money and time.


The first app on our list is Ibotta. It is a free app available on both the platforms, IOS and Android. It comes with a 20$ bonus when you sign up. It is one of the popular coupon app available on the platform. Its simple interface allows user to easily navigate through the app. When you open this app you can see the nearby stores that are offering discounts, and you can easily choose from the list. Once you select your store, it will provide you with the products that are suitable for discounts, the discount amount, and the picture of the product.


SavingStar is a similar app to Ibotta. It works with more than 70,000 grocery stores. It is a grocery store saving app designed to help you get discount on your grocery products. If your store has a loyalty card program, you can attach that card to your SavingStar app and use the coupons of different products based on their offer. If you happen to buy your grocery from a store that doesn’t offer a loyalty card program, you can add the rebates to your SavingStar app and take a photo of the receipt when you finish shopping. The app is free and available on both the platforms of IOS and Android.


Talking about loyalty cards, it is important to mention CardStar. We all know loyalty cards to be the best and easy way to get discounts and rewards without any hassle, but sometimes it is hard to keep them in order and sometimes we tend to lose them. If you are someone that lost its loyalty hard or struggles with keeping them in order, you need to download CardStar. It is your go-to app for keeping all your loyalty cards. You can scan each of your loyalty card into the app and can forget keeping them in your wallet. The cashier will scan your phone, rather than the physical card. It is also free and available on IOS and Android. which was initially started as a website offering coupons and discounts, are also available on the app platform of Android and Apple platform. They offer printable coupons as well as digital coupons for users to choose from. Their app is free and available to all. It works with retailers, and grocery stores. It also allows you to connect your loyalty card to its app or on its website. You can easily add your coupons to your account and scan them at the store.


Yowza is another useful app that offers pretty heavy savings. The best thing about this app is that it is not only for the consumers, but also for the retailer. Retailer can also add coupons as well, making this app different and more versatile in its approach. Yowza with its immense library of stores, offers heavy discounts that will surely help you to save a ton of money on your monthly grocery trip. You can download a variety number of coupons and directly scan them at the store. Yowza is available free on both the platforms, IOS and Android.

Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa targets grocery stores for their coupons. It searches for product specific coupons of stores, offering you the best available deal on the store’s product. It is free and available on IOS and Android. After downloading Coupon Sherpa, you can search different coupons and save the coupons you want to use in your ‘virtual’ wallet. The important thing to keep in mind is that you might need to print some coupons if the store doesn’t have a barcode scanner.


Honey is for consumers that like to shop online. It is an online extension that works with many web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Honey isn’t your ordinary coupon and saving extension. It search every known code around the world to provide you with the best discount on the product you have selected. It works on many different variety, including the major retailer discounts, online sites like Amazon, as well as restaurants. If you are someone that likes to shop online, honey is your go-to extension for your shopping needs.

If you still want to surf through different magazines and newspaper to clip and collect coupons, that is perfectly fine. However, using these apps and extensions as an alternate to your clipping can save you a lot of time and effort. The best part about the above mentioned apps and extensions is that it is absolutely free for the customers to use them. So, it is rational to use this opportunity and avoid making extra effort to cut coupons and discount codes. You can easily save tons of money using these apps and extension and buy the product you want in less amount of money than usual.

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