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How to Saving Money for House Shifting

With MovingNow, it’s not just moving, it’s an experience with us. Adding unparalleled value by the day on the services offered.

MovingNow.in offers the convenience of full and part load services providing full value to the truck you hire. With verified Packers and Movers and transporters on our platform, we offer 2 different services, full service and part service to help you suit you budget. While we recommend partial moving service for moves within city, we can also provide moving trucks for your long distance move for anything from a few carton boxes to your full home. Our part moving service for moves within the city is simple and inexpensive when compared to full service moves that incudes packing by the moving company.

While many customers opt for a full service move that includes packing and moving, the price at which they require full service often takes them to multiple vendors for quote comparison, consequently wasting a lot of time, we call “Dead time”.

At MovingNow.in we not only have managed to bring that “Dead time” down substantially by offering multiple full service quotes from reputed moving companies, we are also proud to have introduced the part moving service where you are required to pack your household stuff and we provide the moving trucks of all sizes with loading and unloading service at the best cost available saving you substantial money.

Our accurate quotes ensure you will not have a price from the competitor or a truck owner that is at a lesser cost, we are generally the most economical in the market delivering high quality. We are very competitively priced so you won’t have to run around the marketplace in search of a lower quote. While we are confident about our low rates coupled with high quality services, we may not price match on every condition due to poor competition by a few truck owners who would be prepared to offer ridiculous rates due to their idleness offering poor services.

To avail part moving services, you are required to start packing your home well in advance of the move. You can also take suggestions from us when selecting the packing material for your goods. You can buy used carton boxes from a neighboring grocery store or scrap merchant and bubble wraps from the stationery shop. Purchase only stable boxes with multiple layers to avoid breakage and damage that usually results from thin and unstable boxes.

While hiring a full service Movers and Packers in Bangalore has many positive aspects that you can enjoy, the do-it-yourself move gives you much more freedom that relates into freedom of choice and the freedom of cost. But how would you judge whether to hire movers for full service or part service. Before you wonder how and when to take a decision, it should rather be as soon as possible since it is never too early to begin a relocation preparation. We advise you to ponder on these points before you arrive at a “Do-it-yourself” decision;

1. What is the total volume?

2. What is the distance of your move?

3. Is your move difficult?

4. Do you have the required skills and material for packing it yourself?

5. How much time will it take to Pack is yourself?

6. What is the price difference between the two? If you want to pick a “Do-it-Yourself” option, you must be sure you have the required skills to pack everything according to your plan. But definitely, the option of taking a full service move from the reputed Packers and Movers and Car Transport Company can spare a lot of effort and time on your side. In any case, we would be happy to hear from you to provide the best of both options.

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