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Ideas to celebrate your birthday in an ORIGINAL way

Ideas to celebrate your birthday in an ORIGINAL way: When our birthday approaches, doubts begin to invade us. Celebration? What do I do? Mmm. We don’t always have the same mood to celebrate, but another year is a cause for celebration.

Ideas to celebrate your birthday

No matter how celebrating your birthday will make your soul happy. These original ideas will help you know what you want. 

Write a letter

It is an extraordinary, unique, and original way to celebrate your birthday with yourself. Write yourself a note about your next birthday with beautiful birthday wishes. Tell yourself what you feel, your goals. It will be very moving to read you in a year.

Wild Party

Do you want to have a dream birthday? Plan a great big party. Invite all your friends, acquaintances, and their partners, choose ESE dress, prepare food (or even more comfortable, hire catering), and you will be ready to celebrate your birthday.

Those memories will last a lifetime, and you can hire a funny photographer to make your birthday images as original and fun as possible.

Choose the songs that you like to dance the most, and you have to play, the rest will be perfect!

Choose a theme

The most original and fun birthdays I’ve ever had have an idea. From your look and the theme may condition that of the guests to the decoration of the room. Try it, and you will have the most original birthday of all!


If today is your party and you want to dazzle, a great idea is a RADICAL makeover. Do you have long hair? Why don’t you try to cut it super short? It will positively impact change.

Fulfill that dream

We all keep an idea throughout our lives, and the day of your BIRTHDAY  is the ideal time to fulfill it. Play a sport, travel, tell that guy that you love him.

No matter what your dream, go ahead and fulfill it! It will be the best way to celebrate your birthday.

Birthdays are like the seasons, some are welcome with open arms, and others can take a little warm-up. But really, you should be doing something fun for every milestone you reach because what better excuse is there to gather all your favorite people in a room and remember the last year (or years) you spent together?

I love the idea of ​​celebrating birthdays at home like a lifetime, with half nights, chocolate cream sandwiches, and orange worms. But, indeed, it is not always easy because of the lack of space and because now, since very young, it Invites the whole class, which is a lot! (Here is a topic if the levels were of 15 children another rooster would sing in many aspects …, and the birthday would be the least important).

In our case, we are lucky enough to be able to celebrate Martín’s in the mountains because the weather is good, but, for example, with Frida, which is in winter, it is different. It is still small, and for now, we have made them at home.

A self-explanatory and very cheap option that I love is to celebrate it in a park, a few colored flags, balloons, and a snack in a bank. The park gives the rest of the color, and you can organize a lot of outdoor activities.

But these days I have discovered several options to escape from the manic ballpark and wanted to share them because they have seemed very cool:

The children ‘s birthday gift for creative kids (! All children are), organized by Art Lab, from a sculpture workshop inspired by Calder to a party of soap bubbles. Going through a birthday in which they will explore how light works by exploring all their creative possibilities or by the painting party in which they will enjoy without worrying about staining;). I have found the PEAR !.

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