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Trekking has now become a prevalent movement among adolescents and experience crack individuals. Because of a huge assortment of Himalayan landscapes, India is regularly viewed as a heaven for trekkers.

In India, it is possible that one can trek by taking a bundle from any trekking organization or one can likewise set out to trek on his/her own, which is without a doubt a progressively audacious approach to play in the lap of natural force and this is the principle reason I generally vouch for doing free trek. The upside of taking a bundle is that you don’t have to stress over coordinations and different things, for example, donkeys, control, tents, and so forth. Everything is orchestrated by the coordinator. You simply need to pay the necessary sum and trust that the dates will join the trek. If there should be an occurrence of doing it by possess, you need to orchestrate a guide, proportion, tents, and so forth without anyone else. Obviously, it is a piece exertion required and troublesome undertaking, yet as the expression goes “endeavors make the goal increasingly excellent”, so trekking by possess can give you an interesting encounter and a genuine experience feel that you can’t understanding by going on a trek with any network/association. Likewise, it costs less expensive than doing it with any trekking association except if you are not going on any investigation.

Indrahar pass is a high mountain pass arranged at an elevation of 4342 m in the area of Dhauladhar scopes of Himalayas. The trek begins from Mcleodganj, a suburb of Dharamshala. From the pass, one can get the great perspectives on some wonderful pinnacles, for example, Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, and so forth and Kangra valley.

The trek to Indrahar pass should be possible through two courses.

Mcleodganj->Triund->Ilaqa Pass->Lahesh Caves->Indrahar Pass->Lahesh Caves->Ilaqa Pass->Triund->Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj->Triund->Ilaqa Pass->Lahesh Caves->Indrahar Pass->Chatru Parao->Kuarsi->Chamba

I will inform you regarding the first, viz, from Mcleodganj to Mcleodganj.

Readiness before the trek:

The trouble level of the trek shifts from moderate to troublesome. The trail till Ilaqa pass is simple aside from certain segments. Further from Ilaqa Pass, it gets intense. It would be better that you start doing exercise at any rate before about fourteen days from the trek dates to build your stamina and continuance and to fortify your muscles. Leg and thigh practice are must in light of the fact that your legs consistently assume a significant job while trekking. In the event that legs are gone, at that point everywhere.

It is suggested that you practice yoga, for example, “alom vilom” and “kapalbhati” with the goal that you would not have any breathing issue at higher elevation.

No exceptional allows or timberland license are required to do this trek. Do convey your photograph personality evidence to appear at the check post at Galu Devi sanctuary. Alcohol are not permitted to convey, so better you don’t bring it.

Best time to visit:

The trek should be possible at whatever month. On the off chance that you are hoping to see day off, visit in the long stretches of March to June and to get a clear climate, September to November are best months. It is prompted not to trek in rainstorm season on the grounds that the trail gets dangerous and these months are inclined to avalanches. Additionally, you would not get grand perspectives as it stays shady more often than not.

Things to convey:

Driven burn


Trek gasp

Trekking shoes (climbing shoes will likewise work)

Voilini shower

Waterproof shell/poncho


Sunscreen Lotion


Comfortable coat (during winters)

Sleeping cushion (on the off chance that you are bringing tents)

Backpack spread

Trek Map

Vitality supplements (chocolates, juices)

Water bottle

The most effective method to Reach Mcleodganj:

Via Air: The closest air terminal is Gaggal air terminal and the significant air terminal is Pathankot air terminal. From these air terminals, taxicabs and transports are effectively accessible for Mcleodganj.

Via Train: The closest significant railhead is Pathankot railroad station. It is associated with all the significant railroad stations of India. From the railroad station, it is possible that one can employ a taxi or board a transport to reach Mcleodganj.

By Road: There are a few transports that run every day from Delhi and Chandigarh and takes around 11 and 7 hours separately to reach Mcleodganj. One can likewise contract a taxi, yet it is a costlier choice. In the event that you don’t discover a movement straightforwardly to Mcleodganj, at that point first reach Dharamshala and afterward Mcleodganj. Mutual jeeps and transports are as often as possible accessible from Dharamshala at an ostensible expense.


Day 1: Reach Mcleodganj

In the event that you are a Delhiite, at that point it is great else, you need to arrive at Delhi as there are a few choices accessible to reach Mcleodganj. You could take a medium-term transport to reach Mcleodganj however I would prescribe you to go in a day with the goal that you can unwind and take a decent rest in Mcleodganj.

Day 2: Trek from Mcleodganj to Triund

Start your trek toward the beginning of the day by 7 am. It begins from the fundamental chowk. In the event that you don’t discover the course simply get some information about the best approach to Triund. The underlying trail includes a precarious street and rough tough way. There are three achievements that land in the middle of the present trek viz Dharamkot, Galu Devi sanctuary and Magic view bistro, which are 1, 2 and 6 km separately from Mcleodganj. On the off chance that you would prefer not to trek from the earliest starting point, at that point you can procure a taxi to reach Galu Devi sanctuary. The main choice at Galu Devi sanctuary you have is it is possible that you start your trek from that point itself or you return back to Mcleodganj. I suggest that you start trekking from Mcleodganj itself. The underlying trail fills in as a get ready for you. It takes around 4-5 hours to reach Triund. The course isn’t checked yet could be distinguished effectively. The last leg of the trek is somewhat extreme and soak. It is designated “22 bends”. In the wake of coming to Triund, set up your portable shelter and have your lunch/supper at any shop/cabin.

Day 3: Trek from Mcleodganj to Ilaqa Pass

Get up right on time, have your morning meal and start your trek. On the off chance that you have some perplexity in regards to the course, at that point ask from any businessperson or cabin man. They will give you the headings. The course to Ilaqa Pass is very much set apart with yellow bolts. In around 2 hours, you reach Snowline bistro which is the midpoint of the present trek. Take some rest and resume your trek to Ilaqa pass. On the off chance that you have time, at that point you can investigate an excellent valley which is arranged close Ilaqa Pass. To arrive at the valley, you need to dive down the slope. The territory is troublesome. It is exhorted not to go in that valley alone on the grounds that there are where you need outer help or hands to ascend/down. It takes around 2 hours to reach Ilaqa go from Snowline bistro. Have your supper there and take a decent rest on the grounds that following day is the primary day.

Day 4: Trek from Ilaqa Pass – Indrahar Pass by means of Lahesh Caves – Ilaqa Pass

Start your trek promptly in the first part of the day. The present trail is longer and the most troublesome piece of the entire trek. The primary point that you reach is Lahesh Caves. Lahesh caverns are normally manufactured caverns. The trek to caverns is a one-hour soak climb. In the wake of taking some rest, continue your trek and enroute to Indrahar pass. From Lahesh caverns, it takes around 4-5 hours to scale and another 2-3 hours to get down. The trail is strenuous and befuddling. It is exhorted that on the off chance that you are a novice or you don’t have a lot of understanding, at that point it would be great that you enlist a guide from Mcleodganj. Aides are additionally accessible at Triund. You can request them from retailers. On the off chance that on the off chance that you imagine that you have enough understanding and would prefer not to take a guide then at any rate buy a guide of the Indrahar circuit for a superior comprehension of the trail. Appreciate the eminent perspectives on the Dhauladhar extents and Kangra valley. Start slipping as right on time as could reasonably be expected so you reach Ilaqa go before the sun goes down.

Day 5: Trek from Ilaqa go to Mcleodganj

Plummeting down is simple and it takes around 4-5 hours to reach Mcleodganj. Try not to move too quick else you may get slipped as the trail is rough that makes it tricky. You can likewise visit Dharamkot cascades, which is 4 km from Galu Devi sanctuary. It is a 2 hours trek from the sanctuary. The course is tight, which goes through thick woods and a blend of tough and downhill ways. The cascade is great. After this, either come back to Mcleodganj and board a transport in the event that you need to end your outing or take a room and plan your agenda for the following day and investigate Mcleodganj.

Mcleodganj is little yet an extraordinary spot with its bright Tibetan culture and dynamic markets. It resembles a little Tibet in India. You can investigate its business sectors and visit close by locales, for example, Bhagsunath cascades, Namgyal cloister, Dal lake, Kangra post, and so on.

Things To Remember:

No compelling reason to bring tent. Tents are accessible at Triund, Snowline bistro and Ilaqa Pass at an expense of ₹500 every night for one individual. On the off chance that you need a less expensive choice, at that point you can lease it from your city. It costs you around ₹200-400 every day wherein 2-3 people can remain. Vault tents are light in weight and are progressively steady when contrasted with snow capped one.

Try not to carry a lot of nourishment or eatables with you. There are shops/cottages accessible at Galu Devi sanctuary, Magic view bistro, Triund, Snowline bistro and Ilaqa pass where you can have Maggi, tea, dal rice, omelet, and so on. So simply convey water and some modest quantity of vitality enhancements, for example, chocolate, juice, and so on.

In the event that there is stormy climate, at that point remember to make a canal around the tent. This aides in disposing of water around the tent.

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