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Lover Of The Sea? 8 Reasons Why Sydney Australia Should Be In Your Bucket List

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Sydney Australia”? It would almost certainly be the iconic Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and Bondi Beach. Some Disney fans would also probably think of Nemo, the clownfish. While these are the top landmarks Sydney is known for, the NSW’s capital has a lot of other experiences to offer – especially for the lovers of the sea. 

From lovely harbors for cruising to giant aquariums for discovering Australia’s booming marine life, here are 8 reasons why every sea lover should visit Sydney Australia at least once in their life. 

1. Sydney has lovely natural harbors

Want to take a leisurely, romantic sunset cruise? How about interacting with wildlife? Or perhaps you just want to unwind in your modern hotel room with a magnificent waterfront view. Sydney’s lovely harbors tick all your destination boxes.

Sydney Harbor (Port Jackson) houses the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Darling Harbor, on the other hand, is a harbor adjacent to the city center and is home to various tourist attractions, like museums, zoos, theme parks, restaurants, and bars.

You may also take a cruise along the lovely Parramatta River, and stay at one of the Parramatta hotels to get the best out of the bustling city.

2. Enjoy urban life and sea views at the same time

If you’re looking for fascinating things to do in Sydney other than visiting the Opera House, catch a ferry across the harbor and discover Manly, a favorite seaside destination in the city.

Manly Wharf, located at the heart of the suburb, is a hub for Sydney’s finest waterfront restaurants and entertainment. Go have a drink while enjoying the harbor views. You can also try parasailing and kayaking.

3. Feel like a true voyager at the Australian National Maritime Museum

If you’re interested in meeting sea explorers and navigators, climbing aboard enormous ships, or boarding a naval submarine, then the Australian Maritime Museum is the perfect place for you. The museum, sitting in Darling Harbour, showcases exhibitions, artifacts, and guided tours about seafaring and other daring adventures at the sea.

4. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium awaits marine life lovers

Want to see the magnificent world under the sea? You don’t need to do scuba diving or ride a submarine – you can discover a large variety of aquatic life in Sea Life Disney Aquarium. 

The ocean park displays more than 700 species of marine animals, comprising more than 13,000 individual fish and other sea creatures from Australia’s habitats. You can see over 500 sea creatures as you walk through the massive displays of the Great Barrier Reef. You can also dive with the sharks, meet and greet penguins, and go on a boat tour above the tank to see sea creatures up close and personal. 

5. Sydney Fish Market (SFM) is the perfect place for your seafood fix

Sydney Fish Market is the best place to satisfy your seafood cravings. The large marketplace, sitting on the Blackwattle Bay, features a working fishing port, a wide array of wholesale and retail seafood and fresh produce stalls, a sushi bar, seafood cooking school, and good restaurants.

The market also incorporates a delicatessen, a bakery and indoor seating and outdoor boardwalk for visitors where you can dine and unwind by the bay. 

6. Sydney is home to top-rated beaches and bays

Whether you enjoy swimming and other watersports, or you just want to bask on the sandy shores while drinking pina colada, your trip to the Southern Hemisphere won’t be complete without visiting at least one of its amazing beaches – and Sydney has a wide array of them.

Tucked around the harbor are a number of sheltered coves with calm, turquoise waters and white, sugary sands. Bondi Beach, one of Australia’s most famous beaches, is just a 15-minute drive from the city center. If you’re craving some jaw-dropping ocean views (and walking long distances isn’t a problem), locals recommend taking the coastal walk along the cliffs from Bondi to Coogee.

Sydney is home to other stunning beaches including Palm Beach, Manly, Shelly, Balmoral, Coogee, Bronte, Bilgola, Neilsen Park (Shark Beach) Cronulla, Garie, and Freshwater Beach. 

7. Sydney beaches are perfect for surfing

While all of the beaches in Sydney are great for swimming, sunbathing, and sightseeing, not all of them are great surfing spots. If you’re into surfing, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned surfer, you can check out these locations.

For learning how to surf:

  • Umina Beach
  • Palm Beach (Southern End)
  • Collaroy Beach (Southern End)
  • Long Reef Beach
  • Freshwater Beach
  • Manly Beach (Southern End)
  • Bondi Beach (Northern End)
  • Greenhills Beach
  • Corrimal Beach (Northern End)

8. Sydney’s got 200 National Parks for nature lovers

Just because Sydney is a bustling metropolis doesn’t mean it’s impossible to see virgin natural landscapes and get a deeper connection with nature. Sydney is home to more than 200 nature reserves such as Royal National Park, Sydney Harbor National Park, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, and Blue Mountains National Park. 

Feast your eyes on picturesque coastal cliffs, secluded beaches, waterfalls, eucalyptus-rich bushland, and many wild animals. There’ll be walking tracks, picnic sites, and campgrounds for adventurous tourists like you. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is one of the seasoned writers for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a modern hotel located in the heart of Western Sydney, delivering top-class Parramatta accommodation. She has always been passionate about traveling, taking photos, and writing travel tips and tricks.

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