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How Nigeria Logistics And Warehousing Market Evolved?

Logistics is vital for the economic performance of any economy.  Nigeria, like other African countries, has structural issues such as logistics infrastructure and cumbersome customs procedures at the seaports. Freight forwarders usually provide a full range of services such as tracking inland transportation, negotiating freight charges, freight consolidation, cargo insurance, and filing of insurance.

The Lagos Port Complex and Tin can Port in Lagos are the largest commercial ports in Nigeria. MMIA is the major commercial airport in Nigeria, situated in the capital city of Lagos. Most warehouses and industries are even centered in Lagos due to the presence of Special Economic zones. Lagos is the commercial and trading hub of Nigeria.  Growing investments in Industrial parks, growing manufacturing units of the banned products for importing are the factors that are contributing to the increased demand of warehouses in the market.

Nigeria Logistics market was evaluated to grow from USD ~ million in 2013 to USD ~ million in the year 2018 at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~% during the period. In 2016, Nigeria was hit by a very bad recession where it had a setback because oil prices fell down from ~ a barrel in 2014 to below ~ in 2016. This affected the country’s logistics sector and fall to a growth rate of almost ~% in 2016-2017 but finally came out of recession in 2018.

In 2018, Nigeria has achieved rank 145 in the East of Doing Business Index and rank 112 in Logistic Performance Index. The increasing middle class and urban-educated population have pushed the demand for shopping centers and e-commerce in Lagos and urban counties of Nigeria. This is increasing the demand of logistics and warehousing market.

Nigeria Freight Forwarding Market Segmentation

By Mode of Freight

Sea Transport dominates the freight forwarding market as all major imports and exports are done by sea. Road transport is important for last-mile delivery in e-commerce and transporting goods to other neighboring African countries but suffered from the poor conditions of the roads. Air transport is not very popular in cargo transportation and used mostly for passengers. Rail Transport is expected to grow with the introduction of SGR in Nigeria.

By Type of Freight

International freight forwarding accounted for larger revenues share in overall Nigeria Freight Forwarding Market, accounting for share of ~% in the year 2018.

By Flow Corridors

Over the past decade, Europe has replaced Asia as the major trading partner of Nigeria with a share in overall share of ~% in international freight. ~%. Asian countries such as China and India are major trading partners with Nigeria.

By End Users

The major end-users of freight forwarding services in Nigeria include Food and Beverage, Industrial and Retail sectors with a share of ~% and ~% respectively. The F&B sector also creates a demand for cold transportation for perishable items. Increasing demand of Nigerian local food products and shipping structures has triggered the demand for logistics and warehousing services.

By Contract and Integrated:-

Third-Party Logistics in Nigeria has been thriving in the Nigeria Freight Forwarding Market with a share of ~% in overall market revenue.

Nigeria Warehousing Market Segmentation

Revenue by End User

The Food and beverage industry has been contributing ~% due to the increasing trade of food products. Increasing automotive industries, the emergence of retail stores, Cold storages for agricultural and pharmaceutical drugs and medicines are increasing the demand of warehousing sector.

By Operational Model

The Industrial/Retail segment has contributed ~% with massive revenue in the year 2018. CFS/ICD warehousing contributes ~% in the market. Cold Storage warehousing has increased due to temperature-controlled products for agricultural goods and seafood.

By Contract and Integrated

Contract warehouses contributed ~% in the warehousing market. Small and medium players lease out their warehousing requirements due to shortage of good quality warehouses and huge capital requirements.

By Type of warehouses:

Open yards and warehouses are less in number in Nigeria and contribute ~% share in the market due to less ICD’s. Closed warehouses include `% of the warehousing market.

By Region:

All the warehouses are majorly situated in and around Lagos only due to the presence of industrial parks and proximity to seaports and airports. It has around ~ warehouses in the country.

Key Segments Covered:-

Freight Forwarding Market

By Mode of Freight

Road Freight

Rail Freight (Volume and Revenue)

Air Freight (Airfreight in Nigeria (Volume- Imports and Exports of Cargo and Mail By Airports)

Sea Freight (Volume By Import –Export And Cargo Type, Logistic cost, Container Freight Rates, Cargo duty, General Cargo Delivery Charges And Ship Dues)

By Type of Freight

International Freight Revenue

Domestic Freight Revenue

By Flow Corridors

Asian Countries

European Countries

Middle East


African Countries

By Contract and Integrated

Contract Logistics Revenue

Integrated Logistics Revenue

By End User

Food and Beverages

Industrial and Retail


Others (Chemical products, fertilizers, pharmaceutical products, perfumes etc)

Warehousing Market

Revenue by Business Model



Cold storage and agriculture

Revenue by Region







Revenue by Type of Warehouses

Open warehouses

Closed warehouse

Revenue by Contract and Integrated warehouses

Contract warehouses

Integrated warehouses

Revenue by End User

Food and Beverages


Consumer retail

Health care

Others (Agricultural products and other perishable commodities)

Revenue by Market Structure



Courier, Express and Parcel Logistics Market

Revenue by International/Air and Domestic/Ground Shipments

International/Air Shipments

Domestic/Domestic Shipments

Revenue by Market Structure




Volume by Delivery Period

Same Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery

Two or More Days Delivery

Revenue by Intra City and Inter City

Intra City

Inter City

Revenue by Region




Others (Enugu, Port Harcourt, Calabar and many more)

3PL Logistics Market

By Market Type (Freight Forwarding and Warehousing)

Snapshot on E-Commerce Logistics Market in Nigeria

Snapshot on Trucking Aggregators


Lori system

Companies Covered


BHN Logistics

ABC Transport

UPS (United Postal Services)

Redstar Logistics

Maersk Line

MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company)

TSL Logistics

Bollore Transport and Logistics

UPS (United Postal Services)

GMT Logistics

GIG logistics

Nipost (Nigerian Postal Service)

MDS logistics

Key Target Audience

Freight Forwarding Companies

E Commerce Logistics Companies

3PL Companies

Consultancy Companies

Express Delivery Logistics Companies

Logistics/Warehousing Companies

Real Estate Companies/ Industrial Developers

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period – 2013-2018

Forecast Period – 2019-2023F

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Logistics Infrastructure in Nigeria

Nigeria Logistics Market Size

Nigeria Logistics Market Segmentation

Nigeria Logistics Market Future Outlook

Nigeria Logistics Market Future Segmentation

Nigeria Freight Forwarding Market Size

Nigeria Freight Forwarding Market Segmentation

Nigeria Freight Forwarding Market Future Outlook

Nigeria Freight Forwarding Market Future Segmentation

Nigeria Warehousing Market Size

Nigeria Warehousing Market Segmentation

Nigeria Warehousing Market Future Outlook

Nigeria Warehousing Market Future Segmentation

Nigeria CEP Logistics Market Size

Nigeria CEP Logistics Market Segmentation

Nigeria CEP Logistics Market Future Outlook

Nigeria CEP Logistics Market Future Segmentation

Snapshot on Nigeria E-Commerce Logistics Market

Nigeria Outsourced/3PL Logistics Market Size

Nigeria Outsourced/3PL Logistics Market Segmentation

Nigeria Outsourced/3PL Logistics Market Future Outlook

Nigeria Outsourced/3PL Logistics Market Future Segmentation

Regulatory Environment

Trends and Developments

New Technological Advancements

Issues and Challenges

Analyst Recommendation

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