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Preference Of Traveling In Trains Over Other Modes

Railways is regarded the most important mode of transportation. The first railway line was laid in 1953 between Mumbai and Thane. In 1950, the entire railway system of the country was taken over by Indian government. Also, TRAIN FOOD SERVICE is given utmost importance as large number of people travel daily through trains.

Getting favorite food during train journey was a nightmare. People had to agonize and stay pleased with the thought of getting the best food which was acclaimed safe for utilization. Pantry food lacks hygiene and taste.

Therefore, to overcome this problem now the food can be easily ordered online during train journey. Ordering food online during train journeys is safe and preferable as:

  • There are multiple choices of cuisines proffered to the passengers.
  • It is 100% fresh and prepared under hygienic conditions.
  • There are FSSAI approved caters providing food services.
  • Availability of e-catering across 600+ stations across India.
  • Different modes to make payment such as Internet Banking and Cash on delivery.
  • 24/7 availability to customers.
  • Food is delivered at seats to avoid unwanted hassle.

People prefer ordering food while journey through trains as now they can order the meals in advance even a month before. Restaurants and food outlets offer variety of discounts on pre booking of meals and during journey.

 Also, once the transaction is completed i.e. order is placed the service provider and passenger receive a message or an email which includes the details of the order. The passenger also has the facility for cancelling the order, but which needs to be done 2 hours prior the scheduled delivery of the order.

Hence, the payment if made through internet banking is refunded in the next three days. The individual do not suffer a loss after cancellation. Moreover, not only this Indian Railways have even launched IRCTC’s payment service i.e. now the payments even can be made through net banking, debit/credit cards, wallets etc. and there is no issue of even refund the payment if the journey is cancelled.

 Therefore, train journey is mostly preferred over other transportation means due to number of advantages such as:

  • Faster than Road transport: Trains run at a higher speed than road vehicles due to one track.
  • Appropriate for heavy goods: railways are always preferred for bulky goods as the trains have the capacity to carry huge load. Moreover, the freight charged is very less.
  • Safety: people can travel safely without any trouble and tension in all the weather conditions i.e. sunny, windy, dusty etc. Even the goods transported reach safely to the designated destination.
  • Economical for long routes: the trains are the most convenient means for traveling to long distances. The passenger journey is comfortable as there are no jerks or bumps as compared to road transport.

Hence, the services provided in trains are far much cheap as compared to the services offered in planes. Also, they are more prone to risks as one cannot travel in bad weather conditions. So, people happily travel through trains due to the facilities offered.

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