prior authorization for imaging centers

The Answer to all Your Prior Authorization Problems for Imaging Centers

In today’s technological advanced era with hundreds of possible clinical exams that can be further divided into more hundreds of categories and its prior authorization requirements, it often becomes painful for in-house staff to handle the nuances of this imaging center. Furthermore adding to the difficulties, if the insurance or radiology benefits manager (RBM) doesn’t recommend the radiology exam as prescribed, imaging providers are faced with additional disputes; weighing the risk of nonpayment against the risk of crossing the compliance line and choosing whether to approach the insurance companies directly or not. With all these prior authorization problems in the imaging center, you need the right operational extension serving you with timely reimbursement and a faster and effective solution.

PriorAuth Online:  The Perfect Prior Authorization Destination for Imaging Centers:

Helping you to serve in this competitive environment, PriorAuth Online is the web based authorization platform. Powered by Sunknowledge Services Inc, PriorAuth Online addresses variable activities in the prior authorization process for imaging center with seamless operational transparency, eliminating all the complex authorization challenges like authorization initiation; collections of required documents and continuous follow-up.

Leaving you to worry less about security issues PriorAuth Online is a complete 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance organization.  In fact, partnering with us will result in immediate increasing your collections by 80% within the first 30 days by getting your prior authorization accurately approved by us.

With a better prior authorization approach, doctor office follow-up, patients calling, comprehensive account receivable recovery program which resulting in better revenue generation in the long run; our experts for successful authorization procedure ensures:

  • Gather vital information on medical procedure, patient, and provider
  • Verify and validate prior auth request with effective payer side communication
  • Check patient’s eligibility
  • Initiate authorization request based on the payer mandates
  • Checking the auth status
  • Collating relevant documents from the ordering physicians/follow up
  • Providing additional information if any
  • Update the authorization outcome in the PM/Billing system

Still worried about your prior authorization for imaging centers? Then get in touch with our PriorAuth Online experts over a ‘no commitment call’, and let our experts help you with a streamlined operation and revenue generation solving all your Prior authorization problems.

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