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Crime statistics in South Africa are steadily rising each year! Making South African citizens feel the need to protect themselves and their loved ones even more. Woman often walk around carrying some form of self-defence tool, such as either a taser or pepper spray, if they know they can’t defend themselves from being mugged. This is why many home owners and entrepreneurs prefer to opt for palisade fencing in Cape Town to protect their homes and businesses. In fact, palisade fencing in Cape Town has become the most popular fencing option, especially when it comes to protecting commercial establishments. (Information credit –

You may be asking yourself, what is palisade fencing? Well, continue reading to learn about the history of palisade fencing and what it is!

Palisade fencing is not a new concept. This type of fence can date back to medieval Germany, ancient Greece and Rome. Although, back then, palisade fencing was usually made from tree trunks or halved tree trunks that had been sharpened to form sharp points on the top of the fence to prevent any intruders from trying to climb over. Not only this, but these types of fences had no gaps. They would place the tree trunks right next to one another and anchor them deep into the ground to prevent people from burrowing under the palisade fencing. Back then, these types of fences were very tall, ranging from one to four meters in height, allowing the barricaded settlements to be safely protected from all enemies.

However, the palisade fencing we see today is not like the type of fencing we saw in medieval Germany, ancient Greece and Rome. Today, we have used modern techniques and advancements to make palisade fencing even better! One of the best advancements we made was replacing wood for stainless steel, as it is one of the strongest metals we have available to use. Not only is this material used to make palisade fencing, because of its strength, but it is also used due to the fact that stainless steel has a longer shelf-life and requires very little maintenance to keep the palisade fencing aesthetically pleasing. This fence has kept its shape, in regard to the spike formation at the top of the fence, which prevents intruders from jumping over the fence or trying to flatten the spikes, as stainless steel is too durable to be bent. Due to the popularity status of residential palisade fencing, small gaps have been made in the modern version of this fence. It allows you to be inside the barricaded perimeter whilst being aware of everyone outside the palisade fencing.

There are many palisade fencing manufacturers in Cape Town wherefrom you can purchase a palisade fence. To ensure that you are buying a quality product, view the testimonials from previous clients on the websites of palisade fencing manufacturers to determine whether previous clients were happy with the fence they bought.

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