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Season Is Changing! Your Tree Might Need Trimming

Plants are living beings just like humans and they have their own requirements for their survival. Apart from water content, types of soil, and minerals there is a crucial factor that greatly affects plant growth. That factor is seasonal changes. Changing weather conditions and seasons directly affect the plant growth hormones. Autumn halts plant growth and there are certain facets about which you need to think if there are trees in your homes. It is often advised that you need to cut or prune trees in the middle or end of the autumn season. There are scientific reasons behind this concept. If you need are thinking to hire a tree removal price in Kennesaw GA then keep in mind the subsequent aspects in mind.

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Trim Tree But Never Top It Of

It is better that you hire professionals rather than relying on your own tree trimming skills. Experts have sharp cutting tools and years of experience. An inexpert person can top of the tree completely which is not at all a good practice. If you cut the top of your tree entirely in autumn then its growth hormones will not work properly even in the spring season. Even if you have decided to trim your tree on your own you must study the important details about this activity. Thereafter, you can embark upon doing this activity yourself. Arrange sharp cutting tools and plan to cut the huge trees. Do it only when everything including you is ready for this. It is advisable to never cut the tree top more than one-fourth of the length of your tree.

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Autumn Is The Best Season To Trim Tree

Most people think that autumn is the season when plant growth is retarded and seeds are in their dormant phase. However, you need to know an interesting thing. If plants are cut and pruned rightly then they grow quite well in the summer and spring season. If you are planning your lawn renovation then wait for the end of the autumn season. It is better to hire professionals and you can search and select the right services provider before the start of the spring season.

Saving The Storm-Damaged Tree

Storm and torrential rains are inevitable and you have to bear their aftereffects. One of the worst effects of storms is the damaged branches and tree structure. You have to deal with this situation with care otherwise the tree can die. In order to save the tree damaged by a storm in the autumn season, you are advised to hire professionals. If you cannot then access the damage and take measurements of the damaged part. If the damage is not that significant and few branches are broken then you can cut these branches with sharp cutting tools. If tree damage is more than this then consult professionals. Only then you can save your tree. In the worst case, you would need to replace the tree altogether.

Autumn Is The Right Season To Train Trees

It is a truth that you can train trees about growth. Your training will be more like a stimulus for them. Firstly, you have to determine the tree type. Some trees have softer branches and trunk however, others are hard. Training of these two types will differ. Remember that, time spent on training will be beneficial in the future. You will not need to spend too much on tree trimming services. A trained tree grows the way you want. There is a lot of difference between a tree standing at the side of the road and the tree in your own yard. The branches of the tree at the roadside will be unorderly because it is not a trained tree. However, you cut and trim your tree inside the home according to your aesthetics and needs. Seasonal changes will help you a lot while you train your tree from the very beginning. If you trim a tree in every autumn season and it sprouts in spring then your tree will learn this with the passage of time.

Remove Crossing Branches

If you are deciding to give a shape to your tree then you will need to cut the branches that cross other branches.  These offshoots disturb the growth of other branches. Just decide the shape at first then prune the overly grown branches. It is better to start this activity at the end of the autumn season or at the start of the summer season. These are the peak times of professional tree trimming Service in Alpharetta GA growth. Fresh branches and new leaves sprout and they look beautiful on a shaped tree.

Apply Composted Mulch

When you are done with tree cutting and trimming you ought to treat your trees with composted mulch or quality fertilizers. They will help in the regrowth of the tree. If you are applying mulch then spread it 2 to 3 inches away from the tree trunk.

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