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Skip The ER Trip This Holiday Season

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that, during November and December, as many as 200 people end up in the emergency room. Not from overeating either – from Christmas lights installation! Vancouver residents suffer from electrical shocks (those old extension cords need to be replaced!) to falling off chairs, ladders, and roofs. 

Avoid those possible holiday decorating mishaps by hiring a professional holiday lighting service this year. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so if you haven’t already thought about your holiday decorating, let this be the first thing you do. Calling a holiday lighting service in Vancouver can make this season start off so much smoother for you. Then, when it is all over, they’ll return and take it all backdown.

What To Look for in a Holiday Lighting Service  

Vancouver has many companies and individuals advertising to be residential Christmas decorators, but not all are experienced and professional. There are things to focus on when looking for a professional holiday lighting service. With all the services for Christmas lights installation Vancouver offers, there are more experienced, reliable companies than there are fly-by-night services, but err to the cautious side by confirming the following by asking if they can offer the following:

  • Free consultation and quote
  •  Proof liability insurance
  • Proof of full workman’s comp
  • Number of years in business
  • Recent customer referrals
  • Portfolio of design offers
  • Removal service
  • Guarantee/Warranty
  • Maintenance service

Experienced residential Christmas decorators will have a portfolio of several Christmas decorations and light designs that are their signature. Most will work with the designs you have in mind and combine theirs with yours.

Most professional holiday lighting services have their own equipment and supplies, in fact, they prefer using their own when offering a guarantee or warranty. This is beneficial to the customer for safety’s sake and they will keep their equipment and supplies up to date, replacing things they age and keep the newest colors, designs, and products in stock. 

The Perks of Hiring a Holiday Lighting Service in Vancouver 

Christmas lights installation for Vancouver homes is special. Every resident wants their home to look the best in being bright and shiny. That is exactly what residential Christmas decorators can do for you! No more need for you to drag the decorations down from the attic, climbing ladders with strands of lights or a Santa and his sleigh. Letting the professionals do it will take one thing off your holiday chores, give you time to enjoy the holidays. 

A professional holiday lighting with experience will offer you replacement and repair services during the holidays. This will eliminate you needing to go out on a cold, rainy or snowing night after work to rehang a strand that fell or replace burnt bulbs. Don’t forget about the year that Santa and his sleigh slid down the roof too! 

The Time This Saves You 

When you install your own Christmas decorating and lighting installation, it can take you all day, maybe a whole weekend. When you hire residential Christmas decorators, they have crews with 3 or 4 experienced team members for most properties, and depending on the scale of decorating and lighting, they complete the job within 3 to 4 hours. They will send larger crews for bigger homes that can take 2 or 3 days, up to a week or two even, depending on the scale of the job to be done.   

When the season ends, while you’re out returning gifts and buying replacements, the Christmas lights installation services in Vancouver will be there removing the decorations and lights. Even better, they pack it all up and take the decorations and lights they supplied with them.

Closing Statement 

For many homeowners, the thought of putting up the Christmas decorations and lights is not something they look forward to, but nobody wants to be “that neighbor, ”, right? Set a little of the holiday budget aside this year and hire one of the professional residential Christmas decorators in Vancouver this year. 

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