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Picture Motion has the best candid wedding photography experts for clicking the best photographers. The idea of having a camera (or two) in your face for an entire day can be daunting for anyone, but especially if you usually feel shy or awkward in front of a lens. So what’s the secret to acting naturally for those priceless, off-the-cuff candid wedding photos on your wedding day? Take it from weathered wedding photographers: One way to getting organic candid wedding photography is to try to forget the camera is even there. We know—it sounds impossible. But don’t worry: The pros know exactly which impromptu moments always guarantee a truly authentic picture. Here, photographers share how to relax in front of the camera, plus their favourite candid wedding photography moments.

Picture Motion avails the best wedding photography and it’s so important to have a connection with whomever you hire. I attempt to find clients I connect with and learn what makes them joke and feel confident, so when it comes to their wedding day I’m more like a friend than a stranger. Then, it just feels like we’re playing without stress around the camera.”  “There’s so much emotion and high energy happening on a wedding day that lends effortlessly to capturing great candid shots, including moments like speeches, when the couple is really invested in what’s being said. I always encourage the [couple] to do a first look if they’re open to it. This allows them to relax in the day and knock out the more formal shots before guests arrive, so after the ceremony they can just live in that bliss and let the epic candid roll.”

“Being present and in the moment, but still maintaining a little bit of anticipation for the way a wedding day unfolds. I typically use a 70- to the 200-millimeter lens (a long lens) to get intimate shots up close without intruding. Being able to read a room thoroughly is helpful too, and I tend to look for animated guests who light up a room and get people laughing.”

“Sometimes it’s the little moments that stick out, and an easily overlooked laugh shared between two cousins—a bride and her maid of honour—walking to the car together after taking formal photos, is one of my favourites. I can still hear them cracking up and their uncontainable energy of shared memories leading up to this day. Some people might look at it and not think much of it, but I look at it and instantly feel pure joy.” “The rawness and authenticity of candid shots have an energy that’s palpable. A great candid shot transports you back to that exact feeling and moment. A really great candid gives you goosebumps, and you feel a connection even if you weren’t a part of it.”

“The dance party—hands down! Especially when there’s a hora involved. When the party starts, all inhibitions are thrown out the window, and capturing this energy is priceless. I also love when there are surprises involved. At one wedding, the mother of the bride surprised the couple with a Brazilian dance troupe. The reactions from the couple and the guests were incredible to photograph.”

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