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The 6 Varieties of REDMI K20 & K20 Pro Back Covers in Our Collection

Consistency: One word that aptly describes Redmi’s performances in India over the past decade. They have been consistently churning out badass phones one after another and hence, their popularity and acceptance among the Indian crowd has skyrocketed. They completely dominate the budget smartphone segment and with their status properly cemented, they are making their way to the high-end segments now. And they are killing it their too! The recently launched Redmi K20 & K20 Pro have blown away people’s minds and the phones are selling in crazy numbers. Again, Redmi didn’t disappoint. They saw the gap in the market, and they made their mark. Their success is evident of their thorough research of the Indian customer and the deep understanding of their needs and requirements. The main reason for the huge success for Redmi and ultimately Xiaomi, has been their focus in producing phones with awesome features on a budget and by using components which are less expensive and cost effective. Their feature packed phones come with a very reasonable price and that is the exact reason why they have been so hugely popular.

Redmi’s success has been good for other business too, like the smartphone accessories segment and by them, I mean us. The success of the phone industry and the accessories industry go hand in hand. The demand for smartphone covers has increased substantially over the last few years. Smartphone back covers have become a lifestyle choice nowadays. Having fun, living life on the edge and getting your adrenaline pumped is always awesome but there are some things you really should not put at risk – like your smartphone. With our phones becoming the most important device in our life, protecting it from any danger is one of our paramount duties. Our Redmi K20 & K20 back covers have proper cut-outs for the speaker, volume and power buttons, charging port and headphone jack and with raised edges around the camera and the cut-outs, your phone’s protection is guaranteed. Do check out our collection below:

Plain Fabric Redmi K20 Pro Cover:

The Plain Fabric Redmi K20 Pro coverscome in three colours: Light Grey, Black and Blue. These covers are plain coloured with the fabric material adding that necessary touch of elegance and sophistication to your phone. These covers are slim and dimensions are very much similar to that of the phone, meaning that the covers are not at all bulky and accentuate the phone’s original look. Want to flaunt your style and fashion sense? Well, these covers will perfectly compliment your special dress for a night-out with your friends. The plain fabric covers are a hybrid of the slim cases and the designer cases, thus giving you the benefits of two cases in one! These covers are perfect for ones who like different back covers for different moods. The KShop Redmi K20 covers are known for their quality and durability. So, feel safe knowing that your covers are not easily going to be ruined in the name of looks.

Canvas Fabric Redmi K20 & K20 Pro Back Cover:

The canvas fabric covers are bulkier and stronger than the plain fabric covers. They come in 3 colours: light grey, black and blue. These canvas Redmi K20 Pro back covers have the fabric material at the top with a darker shade of the same colour along with the canvas material at the bottom. Basically, the cover is a combo of the hybrid, the silicone and the designer case, thus giving you the benefit of 3 covers in 1! The canvas fabric covers will protect your phone from all accidents. Are you the adventurous and the risk taker types? Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your phone while you enjoy your activities because of special raised edges in these covers which absorb all shocks and give your phone the ultimate protection.

The above covers are our whole collection of the Redmi K20 and K20 Pro back covers. Feel free to go tour website and get the right cover for you. Go right now to get a 50% discount on all orders before this offer expires. Hurry or otherwise you’ll be sorry later!

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