Female traveller with her dog

Tips for a Comfortable Travel With Your Pet!

Are you looking to bring your four-legged pet with you on all trips? If you own a big dog, it might not be possible, but if you have a small pup, then you can easily arrange a journey with him. Travelling with your pet is not as smooth as it might seem to you. You need to be very attentive and careful, while taking your pet with you. We will be sharing a few important tips with you today that you need to keep in mind while travelling with your pet:

Female traveller with her dog
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Once you plan to travel with your puppy, you are required to make proper arrangements for your airport parking as you cannot afford to hover around the official parking compound to find a parking space with your pet. Compare airport parking deals to book an appropriate parking slot for your vehicle.

Here are a few important tips on the flight with your pup in-cabin with you:

You need to make sure your pet is of the right size according to your airline’s allowed limit, to fit under the seat easily and comfortably.  The size of your dog is really important while making the decision whether you can take him in-cabin along with you. Airlines have very strict regulations in terms of the size of the pet carriers. It is really essential your pet can comfortably fit under the seat right in front of you. If your dog’s weight is 15 pounds or less, he can easily fit in the assigned size approved by the airline for pets.

You must keep a note that not all the dogs are fit to fly. It will never be a good choice to bring a high-stress or an anxious dog with you on the plane. Some airlines restrict passengers to carrying dogs only that are highly trained and quiet. If your dog is vocal, it may not be a good choice to carry him on a small aircraft.

You must keep a note of the instructions from your airline regarding the size and type of pet carrier allowed for your pet. Mostly airline allows carriers between 16 and 19 inches long or less, with 10 inches in height. You must know that your dog carrier will be considered as hand carry, meaning you are allowed to bring just one personal item with you in the cabin.

Your baggage may get lost in the translation, so it is really important to make sure that you have brought enough food and toys for your pup for at least a few days at the destination. Make sure to bring a non-spill water carrier and a bone to keep your pup occupied during the flight.

Airlines mostly allot certain types of dogs to fly-in cabins, so do not forget to call ahead of time to reserve a spot for your pup and ensure room a for him. While flying, dogs are mostly allowed to board first and you are allotted middle seat as there is more space.

It is not cheap to bring your best friends with you on the plane. Flying with your pup may cost you $100 extra depending upon the airline. So always consider taking your pup only when you are ready to pay extra for him.

Do not forget to bring a health certificate from your vet for your dog before your departure to confirm that your pup has got all his shots and vaccinations and is perfectly ok and safe to fly with you.

Make sure to bring your dog for a long walk before reaching the airport in case you are planning a long hauled flight.

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