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Top Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

Before we tell you how can you get yourself ranked on top of Google searches, let us first tell you why is it so important!

SEO Perth

Let’s assume you are searching for a query on google and you hit enter button. It will give show you the results. Which search result would you open instantly? The one at the top? The second one? The third one? Okay, the fifth one? The maximum you would do is that you’ll open the last link on the first page. However, it is very unlikely that you will open the second or third or any other page after that! This is why SEO services (Search Engine Optimization), which is a tool that ranks your website on top of Google searches is important.

Now that you know why is SEO important, let’s tell you about the ways you can do this!

The first and foremost step in doing SEO Perth is to define your keywords. Keywords are words you assign that when a searcher searches for those words, you website’s link is given. Without Keywords, Google will never know when to show you on its search results. Does this sound easy? Well, it sure does. But, it isn’t. Selecting keywords is one procedure that seems the easiest but is most difficult to do and is the most important as well. The reason of it is that there are so many different words that the users could search.  But you have limited options. Obviously, you wouldn’t go into thesaurus and get all the synonyms of a particular word and assign them as all your keywords. So, you need to give it thought, do research in your industry and market and then select the keywords that would do justice to your business.

SEO = visibility

In addition to that, you need to submit your sitemap to Google WebMaster tools. What is a sitemap? Well, as the name suggests, it is a map of your site showing the linking of the pages and hierarchy between them.

Another very important factor in this regard is the quality of the content. Even if the search engine shows you at the top, until you have your content up to the mark, users wouldn’t enjoy coming to your website. If you are a developer, you must be familiar  with the website w3schools. Whenever you write any query related to website development, the link of w3schools is given at the top and nine out of ten times, the solution given on the website is correct. That’s why you visit it over and over again. Imagine that w3schools didn’t give you correct solution. Despite of Google showing it at the top, would you ever open it? I didn’t think so too! So, your content and the quality of content matters a lot! Focus on it heavily.

Furthermore, the design of your website should be good. The color scheme should be as per your product and the rest of the design should be as per the ideology of your business. If your website is attractive, people will visit it more often and spend more time there. You should give them the option of sharing your website’s links on social media to gain more audience. When they share the point, it reaches out to their friends as well. When more people visit your website, Google tends to show you at the top because of the traffic you generate and the popularity you have.

You are reading this article in which we are telling you how to do your SEO. Imagine we give the link of xyz website that if you go here and use their information, your SEO would be done. You will open their website nine out of ten times, right? That’s exactly what we are talking about! Having other websites/blogs to write about you is a very effective way of doing you SEO. When people read about you on other websites, you gain credibility and they remember about your portal without even having to visit you.

Now that you know why SEO is important, using the steps mentioned above, you can do it! Get started with it and enjoy all the traffic coming your way! 🙂

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