Archive Boxes

Why Do We Need Archive Boxes?

We require boxes to store several valuable things, whether in the house or office. The boxes need to fulfill the basic function that is to provide protection and keep the objects save from any harm. If it splits or made of cheap material that cannot resist moisture, then there is no use of it. Similarly, if the boxes have broken handles, then it becomes difficult to handle and carry. Seeing all these issues, the box that can satisfy our needs is the archive boxes.

There are several brands and styles available in these specific types of custom archive boxes. In case you are a document storage company, then your major concern would be the protection of confidential and important documents. No matter how carefully we handle the boxes, but if the quality is cheap that it will fail and increases the risk of damage to your valuable documents. If the interlocking bases of the box fall out and the walls of the box collapse, then it causes a safety hazard too.

But here is a thing that not all boxes are the same, and to guide you, we have devised a checklist to demonstrate how quality boxes can be cheaper.

Three Principles of Selecting Archive Boxes Wholesale

1. Security: the cheaper boxes will put the confidential and valuable items at the risk of getting damaged.

2. Total life cost: these type of custom boxes fail to last long and require to be replaced

3. Safety: these boxes are no safe and can split or collapse anytime making them prone to a hazard that causes slips and trips

Guide On Choosing Archive Boxes

1. They are available in a variety of sizes to store all types of documents

2. They should be made with durable material that is strong and sturdy and is capable of holding 15+kg weight. They are manufactured with a snug-fitting lid to keep rigidity

3. The boxes that have B-flute cardboard grade and twin sidewalls allow you to stack up to five boxes high safely

4. If it has strong handles with a fold-in pressure pad will make it easy to handle and won’t cause cuts in your hands

5. A single base sheet that is attached to the sidewalls make sure and keep the bottom intact

6. Boxes printed with barcode helps in file indexing and cataloging

7. Available in stock on a daily basis

8. Made from part recyclable material with a white paper that increases sturdiness and looks attractive

9. Can be supplied in packs of 10 along with lids to reduce unnecessary jolts occur during transit

10. It can be made with the company’s logo.

Custom Archiving Boxes To Store Different Types Of Documents

You cannot only store the documents for storage but also put other items like textiles, books, newspapers, and photographs.


Many companies, even individuals, need to store newspapers and magazines for several reasons. It can be a company record press coverage or a record of the family member interview, achievements, death, birth, and even marriage certificates.

A rule of thumb for newspapers and magazines is that it needs to be stored in acid-free archive boxes. Storing it in a polythene bag is not a good option to do, and it can be damaged. So you will lose your important documents.

For photographs

It also uses to store family photographs or any other small portraits that are taking up a lot of space at home. So it needs to store properly. Otherwise, it gets damage.

For the purpose of storing photographs, you need to choose a durable and sturdy archiving box that can fully close and have a strong flat base so that the documents can place without getting crumple. The boxes need to be acid-free as well for this purpose.

Document bags

When it comes to document bags, they are ideal for adding an extra layer of safety and protection to the documents which you want to be stored in the custom packaging archive boxesThey are effective for storing and protecting plastic and cardboard folders.

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