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Would it be a sensible move to opt for a PG accommodation?

PG or paying guest has become popular among the younger generation. All the more so in metro cities and this has led to a mushrooming of PG for girls in Gurgaon Though the concept of PG is not new, but of late it has evoked a lot of appreciation. This is a popular option of people who move away from their native premises for employment opportunity or for higher studies. To find a PG accommodation in a new city could pose to be a major challenge at certain times. In order to make your search convenient here are some pointers for your help.

  • Before beginning your PC search there are a couple of things to consider. First is to have a budget and secondly are to shortlist a few obvious areas. If these things are sorted out, your search is expected to become a lot easy. But if a lose string is attached to the above areas then you might be pulled in various directions. The opinion has to be formulated by you and do not go by what others have to say
  • Once you fix up the budget and even the area, it is time to search for Girls PG in Gurgaon. This can be done by flipping through real estate portals ore websites exclusively dedicated for PG accommodations. A lot of popular websites are there which makes it easy for your online search.
  • Just simply you can undertake a PG search or on these sites you can post your requirements. These requirements are shared with masses that have a matching accommodation as per your needs. Once your requirement is posted within a few days you will receive calls from the agent or the owner himself.
  • A sensible option would be to avail the services of an agent as they can show you multiple options. A rule to follow is not to engage with two brokers or agents at the same time. As per the area of your choice try to locate agents who are fairly active. Mostly agents end up charging 15 to 30 days of rent which in lieu of the benefits they provide is appreciable.
  • Check out nearby to your PG whether there is public transportation available.
  • At the same time check out whether there is provision of meal or tiffin system nearby to your PG
  • The websites would provide you insights about the prevailing rent rates in the region. With the help of this information you can negotiate with the broker or agent. The rates of PG would depend upon the locality and the services provided.
  • If it occurs to be a shared accommodation, a sensible decision would be to obtain mobile numbers of the prospective roommates and obtain more information. Prior information beforehand would help you to figure out whether there are any restrictions.
  • A site visit is only suggested if the agent promises to show multiple options

By following the above tips the search for PG accommodation becomes easy.

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